1. M

    Illuminati 32 Flight Controler in 2018

    Hello, Would using a Illuminati 32 Flight Controler with OSD (Cleanflight Supported) still make sense for a first drone build? Or is the controller so old that I would be in for a hassle with the software?
  2. P

    Wizard X220S - Motor arming problem

    Greetings, recently I bought an Eachine Wizard X200S from Banggood. After I opened it, I had to replace the reciever cable to connect the drone with my Flysky i6, but it wasn't a problem. I paired the drone with the controller successfully and then I did some settings in CleanFlight. Because...
  3. H

    Need help wiring up my fpv setup

    Hi all, Current build progress is going okay... i am just about to wire up the fpv system. but i think the parts are incompatible!!!! Parts: Mini osd - Tramp HV -...
  4. H

    Finally chosen my components, are these all compatible?

    Hi everyone, I have finally chosen my parts, however i am not sure if they are compatible with each other. Is it possible if someone can clarify if they are all ok? i am also not so sure on calculating flight time... can somebody help me with that? I also need some help with setting up my osd...
  5. H

    camera with gimble help please?

    Hi all, I finished my main parts list but now i am looking at fpv cameras, receivers and monitors. As well as gimbles. Anyone have any ideas for a camera that can stream onto a monitor i have with me or buy and records the footage too? As well as a gimble for stable video? Budget is £100 tops
  6. C

    Help DEVO 7 with FPV racer

    So recently I decided I wanted to get into FPV drones, I decided to build my first drone because I knew it would give me the experience and knowledge when I need to fix it down the road. I mostly followed this guide with a few changes I decided to make (parts list below): I only changed 2...
  7. BL Swagger

    450 Build - GPS & Gimbal advice

    Hey everybody, I plan on starting a 450 build. The difference with this build and my previous builds is that I want to add GPS and a gimbal supporting GoPro to the quad, so I am looking for help regarding those two areas. I have already ordered some of the parts regarding the build, so this is...
  8. D-RingBinder

    Xiro Xplorer V Gimbal Malfunctioning

    Hi everyone! I'd love to be able to get some advice/help with a malfunctioning gimbal after a crash. I made this one minute video to show how it is broken and malfunctioning: So as you can see it still seems to be working to some extent. The gimbal powers on. The camera works and records...
  9. NBanks02


    I'm new to drones and I'm getting really frustrated with my wizard x220 rtf I've managed to bind the controller and drone but the controller isn't moving the drone, the motors won't even spin.. I've spent 2 days off trying to work it out, I've managed to connect it to the wizard to beta flight...
  10. J

    Contixo F18 bad picture quality?

    I see people on YouTube with pretty good 1080p video quality for a $300 drone. I purchased this model as my first drone and I am brand new to the hobby. I use a class 10 SD card but I have absolute horrendous video quality. It just isn't anywhere near 1080p. If someone could help me or is...
  11. J

    Wizard X220 Fs IA6B not working [HELP]

    Hello, I am using a Wizard X220 and am trying to install the FS-IA6B to it. I have followed online tutorials and have changed the port in the FC as well as succssfully binded the reciever to the transmitter (FS-i6). I have also gone into beta flight and made the changes so that it works with...
  12. R

    Need help with these specifications

    Hey everyone, I've got a dilemma. I'm in a quad-copter competition and the specifications look very odd. b. Rotors i.Maximum length (tip to tip) = 6 in. ii.Metallic materials are not permitted. iii.Rotors must not be sharpened to a point. c. Motors i. Maximum angular speed at rated voltage (no...
  13. G

    Complete Drone Newbie after some advice

    Hello! Completely new to drones/quads – never used one or anything similar. I am looking to get started with something relatively inexpensive at first. Primarily just want to use it for taking photos when I'm enjoying the outdoors. I already have a GoPro Hero 3+ and would ideally like to be...
  14. J

    ive built my quad but now its too sensitive and has a minuscule sweetspot

    hi everyone i am new to the hobby and i managed to build a full quadcopter by following the very well known $99 dollar quad from uavfutures. ive been try to fix this one issue of my quad being very sensitive even at 10%-15% throttle or less straight after takeoff. this problem i believe is to...
  15. DroneGnome

    Need help regarding my "Stack"! *Plz help*

    Hey guys! To start, here is a quick list of my parts: Blackwidow V2 Frame from TMDRONES (sick looking frame) Hobbywing Xrotor Micro 4 in 1 ESC/PDB SP Racing F3 FC TBS Unify Pro (Race) FrSky XM+ SBUS Mini Receiver So the problem I'm having right now is that I can't fit my FC on my frame! It's...
  16. freebles

    Arris x220 , newb needs esc sync advice

    hey folks I'm new to the hobby and to this site!so, Hola! Konichiwa! Hello! im having issues getting this Arris x220 pro. off the ground for the first time. it seems motor 1 wants to spin at 2000 and every other motor goes to maybe 1400-1500 i need 2 more posts before i can post the link to...
  17. S

    Looking for better live video.

    Hello, I'm just got my first video drone, a parrot bebop 2 power. I am new to drones and not very tec savvy so I hope you can understand what I'm looking for as my terminology might not be correct. I am really enjoying my bebop and chose it mostly because i thought it was a cheap starting point...
  18. K

    New Sky Viper V2540 Drone Not Working Properly

    I just got a Sky Viper V2450 drone for Christmas. Two days ago I was flying it outside, and accidentally crashed it into a tree. It didn't crash hard at all - I don't even know if you could really call it a "crash". I just flew it too close to the branches so the propellers hit them and it fell...
  19. T

    Newbie question

    Hi all! new to the hobby, and thought i would add a FPV mod to my contixo f17. I added a VTX03 along with a runcam swift 2 camera and have Ev800 goggles. I get a solid crystal clear image for 3-6 seconds mostly, sometimes up to 30, then the screen goes to static for 20-30 seconds, and after that...
  20. Garpee

    Darkmax Receiver problem

    Cant get the receiver working on the furibee darkmax