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The syma fly app does not work with my iphone 8 IOS 13. But the app do work with my ipad IOS 9. but i need it on my phone. it just keep crashing when i go in the app. anyone know how to fix?
Engineering Head Hunter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I search for various roles such as Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Mechanical Engineering for electric power tools. Feel free to connect with me!
I used to live in MKE and miss it dearly. I recently got a (2yr) Mechanical Design degree, am familiar with SolidWorks, Autocad, and PTC Creo. I know GD&T, and have a bit of knack for physics and other science-y things. Research suggests some opportunity around there, but I'd love to know from someone in the area if coming back would be a good move. I'd say more but there's a 420 char limit. Thanks for any advice!
I would like to know if the Samya x5 parts are compatible with the MJX x400. Eg motors and props.