1. M

    6s build drops at 15% throttle HELP! thanks :)

    Thanks for reading! I'm at a bit of a loss with this one. So I built a 6 S quad and whenever I go above about 20% throttle the motors shut off and quad is unresponsive to the transmitter. I thought it was the flight controller at first because the blackbox would end when it shut down. But I...
  2. T

    X-tra Xdr1-2 drone syncing issue

    X-tra XDR1-2 drone bought second hand with original remote. I have tried common zero to full to zero calibration and syncing techniques and still not syncing or starting up. Any help would be great.
  3. N

    HELP, drone camera cable

    My syma x8g drone camera cable broke (buying a new one isn't an option) so I'm trying to make my own and I really need help with the wiring, I tried a lot of different combinations but none seemed to work, the camera led would stay green forever, so can someone help me with the wiring? Or maybe...
  4. E

    Problems with my first diy quad

    Hello. It's my first time posting onto a forum a problem so I'm sorry if I don't express myself clearly enough. I've built my own quad with these parts: *FC -> RaceStar StarF3S 30 A: *Frame -> HSKRC TWE210mm frame: *Mottors -> DYS Samuk Series Shu 2306 2250Kv...
  5. A

    ARming not working after correcting FCB orientation

    In my previous thread I asked for help because my quad was flipping off of take off. This turned out to be that the FCB was pointing the wrong way in the quad so I had to change the direction in betflight to point forward. Now the quad matches the betaflight diagram when I tilt and turn it but...
  6. A

    My x220 does a spin when I try to fly it

    Hello all, This is a link to a video I took of it happening: I'm using a link to the YouTube because this website wont let me upload the video. I made sure the propellers were all on the right motors and in betaflight I checked each individual motor to make sure they were turning the right...
  7. A

    Prop nuts not screwing onto motor?

    Hello All, Can someone explain why on two of the motors the prop nuts screw on partially and on the other two they don't screw on? They are brand new motors and brand new prop nuts that I made sure are the correct size. (M5) My quad is an eachine wizard x220 that is new. These are the prop nuts...
  8. C

    450 style quadcopter

    I am building my first quadcopter, I have a lot of little cheap ones I have been flying and I really want to do an fpv quadcopter. I 3d printed a couple of 450 frames, I know most fpv are the smaller frames and if I am swayed I will go with the alien CB frame. I am trying to find a FAST motor...
  9. J

    Battery upgrade LH-X10 quadcopter. HELP!!!

    Hi everyone, Im new to the whole quadcopter scenario. I just bought my very first quadcopter a couple of days ago and have noticed that flight times are not good since it came with a 600mAh 3.7V battery. Please suggest a good battery upgrade for imcreased flight times. Thanks in advance...
  10. IsaacS

    Lizard105s Gray Screen on FPV Feed

    Hey all, I just got an Eachine Lizard 105s and it flew well until I did a punch out, and I got a gray screen with the OSD still on it. I've tried swapping chabnels and all that, and I have no idea what to do now, and I'd rather not get a new camera (since shipping takes forever from Banggood)...
  11. jrob4654

    Frsky FSD Nano V2 won't bind (again)

    My buddy and I just got Leader 3 RTF's from Full Speed. Bound to my Taranis X9D Plus without issue, setup my switches, then flew an indoor test flight. Was really excited to go start the tuning process at the park, until... Buddy had an issue with binding his to his Taranis QX7. The process I...
  12. D

    Need help bad with horrible wobble

    Ok so i built a kit with no issues flew a lot crashed more fixed repaired replaced and now trying to build my own here are specs CLRACING F4S "S" AIO FLIGHT CONTROLLER - V1.5 - CLF4S SPEDIX 30A 4 IN 1 ESC 2-4S BROTHERHOBBY DEADPOOL 2306 2450KV MOTOR - RETURNER R5 all went together just fine no...
  13. D

    Help with MJX X101 - No Remote?

    Hello! I'm totally new to the RC/Quadcopter/Drone community, and I'm not terribly sure where to start or how. I got my hands on a MJX X101 drone that had been lost sometime last year. Nobody claimed it, so it was given to me basically for free. It came with no remote or charger. I managed to...
  14. M

    Illuminati 32 Flight Controler in 2018

    Hello, Would using a Illuminati 32 Flight Controler with OSD (Cleanflight Supported) still make sense for a first drone build? Or is the controller so old that I would be in for a hassle with the software?
  15. P

    Wizard X220S - Motor arming problem

    Greetings, recently I bought an Eachine Wizard X200S from Banggood. After I opened it, I had to replace the reciever cable to connect the drone with my Flysky i6, but it wasn't a problem. I paired the drone with the controller successfully and then I did some settings in CleanFlight. Because...
  16. H

    Need help wiring up my fpv setup

    Hi all, Current build progress is going okay... i am just about to wire up the fpv system. but i think the parts are incompatible!!!! Parts: Mini osd - Tramp HV -...
  17. H

    Finally chosen my components, are these all compatible?

    Hi everyone, I have finally chosen my parts, however i am not sure if they are compatible with each other. Is it possible if someone can clarify if they are all ok? i am also not so sure on calculating flight time... can somebody help me with that? I also need some help with setting up my osd...
  18. H

    camera with gimble help please?

    Hi all, I finished my main parts list but now i am looking at fpv cameras, receivers and monitors. As well as gimbles. Anyone have any ideas for a camera that can stream onto a monitor i have with me or buy and records the footage too? As well as a gimble for stable video? Budget is £100 tops
  19. C

    Help DEVO 7 with FPV racer

    So recently I decided I wanted to get into FPV drones, I decided to build my first drone because I knew it would give me the experience and knowledge when I need to fix it down the road. I mostly followed this guide with a few changes I decided to make (parts list below): I only changed 2...
  20. BL Swagger

    450 Build - GPS & Gimbal advice

    Hey everybody, I plan on starting a 450 build. The difference with this build and my previous builds is that I want to add GPS and a gimbal supporting GoPro to the quad, so I am looking for help regarding those two areas. I have already ordered some of the parts regarding the build, so this is...