1. D

    DJI Phantom 3 Fly Aways

    Hi all, I have a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, and I a have heard that some people have had fly aways. Is this really true? If so, what can I do to prevent it? Thanks, David
  2. D

    DJI Phantom 3 Batteries

    Hi all, I have a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, and I am looking to get some more batteries but they are so expensive. Do you have any tips? Thanks, David
  3. D

    DJI Phantom 3 Filming Tips

    Hi all, I have a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, and I am looking to increase my filming quality/skill. Any tips? Anything and everything appreciated. David
  4. Garpee

    Cant get my receiver to bind

    I just bought the Furibee Darkmax bindandfly. I ordered an afhds receiver as it should work with my flysky FS-i6 transmitter. I cant get it to work tho... Video of the problem:
  5. esoterik1967

    Anyone live in the Denver area?

    I bought parts to build a flamewheel F450 a few years ago. Unfortunately my health took a turn for the worse (M.S.) and I lost a lot of my memory and cognition. I would like some help in building my quadcopter. I am not asking for free help. I just dont know who or where to turn to. Erik
  6. Isaac

    Help Needed with New Baby Hawk

    So I have a new Emax Baby Hawk with a FrSky XM plus receiver and a Taranis Q X7 trasmitter. I believe I have done a successful bind but still need to put the Baby Hawk into BetaFlight to set up the mapping such as arming it and switching from Horizon and Acro modes. Well on the receiver tab all...
  7. D

    How wire a frsky x4r receiver to a Dys f4 pro FC

    Im working my first quad build and having trouble figuring out how to wire my receiver to my FC, the videos and other info i found on the internet ive tryed and are just not working for me, if anyone has experience with dys f4 pro flight controller (beta flight) and the x4r frsky i would love...
  8. D

    I need help please !!!this is my first build Quad is bond but wont fly

    Parts that i have armenton chameleon frame Runcam eagle 2 Lumenier Tx5g2r raceband 200mw video transmitter Frsky x4r receiver Dys f4 pro flight controller (beta flight) 30 amp little bees ESC 2300 kv emax moters Tarnais q x7 transmitter So this is my first build so im sorry if i dont explain...
  9. Kumar

    Drone Conceptual Design

    Hello All, I am new to drones and I just started drawing designs and entering it into AutoCAD. I have a unique design and was wonder how practical it would be if it were in the real world. For simplicity, I just rendered this through 3d paint to show you my design. The design has 4 locations...
  10. S

    Burned Power board Or Flight Controller? (Repair Help)

    Went to the park to do some casual flying today but when I plugged my lipo to my Drone I saw smoke coming in between the Powerboard and the Flight Controller. I can arm and disarm it and basically do every directional control I wanted but the only problem was the receiver wasnt turning on and I...
  11. crtleroy

    Using Arduino as an autopilot

    Hi every one, I’m working on an octocopter that I would like to be auto-piloted. To do that, I’m considering to use my Arduino Mega 2560 to generate PWM signals to « mimic » a receiver. I’m using a SP Racing F3 and cleanflight. So more precisely, instead of using a RC command, I want the...
  12. D

    KISS FC GUI I click connect but nothing happens

    Title. I connect the kiss fc to the computer via the mini-usb after first loading up KISS GUI, then it loads Com3 then I click connect but none of the tabs work and it might as well not be connected. Any help would be appreciated, can provide more details if needed.
  13. B

    Drone Project Question

    Hello There! I´ve been searching the components to make a drone with my own hands and I was wondering if there´s something missing from all the things listed below: 1.Raspberry Pi 3 70g 2.DALRC DL265 FPV Drone Frame Kit 278g 3.Pi Camera V2 40g 4. 4 Emax MT2213 935Kv motors 55g each 5.Battery...
  14. E

    Help! Drone not working

    Hi. I am a beginner building my first racing drone. My drone has a naze 32 board and a fly sky 1a6b receiver. I have tried both cleanflight and baseflight but on both of them the receiver and the motors are not being recognized. Could you please give some advice to fix the problem.
  15. A

    First build. Question about propeller vs motor

    I've got a question about closing a motor and propeller. The propellers I chose are 8"x5.5, and I'm wondering if the RCX RS2206(v3) would work on with these props. I'm also going with a 210 mm frame and what to know if I'll have enough torque and thrust. Not fully decided on other parts yet...
  16. Carlos Faustino

    QUAD build FPV - need advice

    Hi there guys So, I'm building my first quad with some help but i would like other opinions specially from experienced people. So, by now, I already bought: Frame : Diatone Q450 v3 from Bangood Motors: Multistar Elite 2216 920KV Props: Multistar Propeller With DJI Fitting 10x4.5...
  17. J

    Dji mavic live feed vs Drone FPV (Please Help)

    As you probably know the mavic is a small drone that can fold up to fit in a backpack, but also records and transmits 4k video. I have seen videos where people will fly their mavic around buildings, while looking at the live feed. The live feed never drops connection, distorts the image, has any...
  18. Russelle KiFli

    1080p camera light enough for Syma X5HW

    The stock camera is great but it doesnt meet my standards, so I've been looking for light 1080p camera with or without FPV (but better if it has). What I'm finding is -Low price -1080p or better -light (that a syma x5hw can lift) -FPV is an option -Shaped like a mobius cam I really need your...
  19. Russelle KiFli

    Newbie here

    I need to know more about Quadcopters like Channels Ghz and etc thanks!
  20. Russelle KiFli

    My New Syma X5HW Won't synch with controller?

    Just bought this new Syma X5HW unpacked and assembled it and I was soo excited, but the kill joy here was when I tried to synch it with the transmitter/controller(Up-Down) the X5HW's leds still blinks while the Controller's light is steady?Is this busted or I'm missing something?Oh and the...