1. M

    Drone that stores its track WITH camera orientation

    Hi All, Do you know which drone(s) record its position track together with the camera orientation? If you have one such drone, could you please post a sample track together with a video that it corresponds to? And of course its make a model. Thanks, A.
  2. H

    New camera for custom drone.

    Hi, I've been looking for a new camera for a custom Tarot 680. Roughly £500-600 not including the gimbal. Does anyone have any suggestions? My GoPro hero 7 just feels lacking at the moment in time. Looking for any type of camera, to be honest. DSLR, SLR, or GoPro I don't mind. Don't really mind...
  3. S

    Autonomous micro Quadcopter - Onboard Computing or not

    Hi, So I'm building a Quadcopter and started programming the basic controls for it. The thing is my goal is to make it autonomous with sensors and Computer Vision. The Sensors and the Optical Flow I can develop inside the flightcontroller but with computer vision and preferably ROS I need a full...
  4. N

    HELP, drone camera cable

    My syma x8g drone camera cable broke (buying a new one isn't an option) so I'm trying to make my own and I really need help with the wiring, I tried a lot of different combinations but none seemed to work, the camera led would stay green forever, so can someone help me with the wiring? Or maybe...
  5. B

    Can I swap cameras?

    So I got a quadcopter for Christmas last year and the camera is less than optimal. It is the Promark VR P70-VR. Can I swap the camera and if so, to which camera. Looking to keep it around $30-$40. I will post pics of the way it is mounted, the wires, and it being removed. The camera comes off...
  6. IsaacS

    Lizard105s Gray Screen on FPV Feed

    Hey all, I just got an Eachine Lizard 105s and it flew well until I did a punch out, and I got a gray screen with the OSD still on it. I've tried swapping chabnels and all that, and I have no idea what to do now, and I'd rather not get a new camera (since shipping takes forever from Banggood)...
  7. AndreasS

    Possible to test camera and vTX without FPV goggles?

    Hi, I'm in the final stages of building my first drone. Is it possible to test the camera and VTX without the FPV goggles? I simply haven't bought them yet. I see people use different LCD screens... but I'm not sure how to hook up that. Thanks for the advice!
  8. esoterik1967

    Need help with Camera.

    I built a Flamewheel f450 and I bought a camera but I want something simple. The camera I have is too complex for me. Any advice on a simple wifi camera?
  9. H

    camera with gimble help please?

    Hi all, I finished my main parts list but now i am looking at fpv cameras, receivers and monitors. As well as gimbles. Anyone have any ideas for a camera that can stream onto a monitor i have with me or buy and records the footage too? As well as a gimble for stable video? Budget is £100 tops
  10. B

    Flying with live video

    Hello Everyone! I am new to quadcopter's and know there is MUCH to learn about them. I have been flying my MJX x400 for about a month now and slowly getting better each day, but have not mastered it yet. My questions is with flying the drone by only looking at the live video stream. How? lol...
  11. J

    Newbies In need of help & advice!

    1st time user.. just acquired HORIZON HOBBY GLIMPSE XL FPV HD CAMERA DRONE... but with no battery, charger or camera - great start eh! Trying to source info on components but haven't a clue. I believed the battery connector is an EC3 type but I have no real knowledge.. if anyone could advise on...
  12. PetFan

    Add Camera To a Cheap Drone (Hubsan h107L)

    Hi i bought the hubsan h107l without camera and i want to buy a camera (i prefer to be wifi camera) to record videos, and if it is with wifi to use it as fpv. I want the camera to be up to 15$. I know how to make the connection. Have you got anything suggest to me? Thanks in advance.
  13. B

    Camera control - what methods?

    Hi all I have built a quad based on an F450 from from ebay, and it's flying fine. The problem I'm having, is trying to work out a way of controlling the camera! I have a DJCAM SJ4000 on a 3 axis gimbal and have set it to live video over the USB port, and I can get a live feed back. I'm a bit...
  14. chupo_cro

    Syma X5 - signal at yellow wire camera connector always high

    I have Syma X5 with board v6 and today I received the camera but I could't start the recording or take a photo. After checking the camera's PCB everything looked well so I opened the drone and soldered the wires to the PCB pads for yellow (SIGNAL) and black (GND) camera connector. From what I...
  15. P

    Beginner FPV parts and compatibility?

    Hi All, I am slowly completing my quad and have come to the point where I am scouting an FPV system, but having a little trouble understanding part compatibility As a beginner, I am not wanting to spend too much, but still want a lot of good features with the potential to upgrade later. In...
  16. J

    MIX Bugs 2 camera issues

    Hey, fairly new quad owner here. Purchased an MJX Bugs 2 a few months back, and I could not be happier with most of the features I bought it for, such as the GPS hold and telemetry display. However the camera, which only records to an onboard micro usb, stopped recording halfway through it's...
  17. Russelle KiFli

    1080p camera light enough for Syma X5HW

    The stock camera is great but it doesnt meet my standards, so I've been looking for light 1080p camera with or without FPV (but better if it has). What I'm finding is -Low price -1080p or better -light (that a syma x5hw can lift) -FPV is an option -Shaped like a mobius cam I really need your...
  18. M

    My drone/sdcard doesn't record files properly

    Hello, here is a newbie with drone related stuff, and recently I got some problems which I can't solve. Well, first my drone doesn't tell me which model it is, so I suppose it's a syma x5c, due to its design, camera, and hard to understand manual. Here is a video I made showing the camera...
  19. T

    Lines across drone photos

    I recently purchased a used QC1 quadcopter. When I went to take photos with the drone I was disappointed with how the photos turned out. All the photos are blurry and have lines across them (as you can see from this gallery): Is it normal for this drone to have image...
  20. M

    Drone camera issue-please help

    Hi, I have a drone that has a 0.3mp camera , it shoots video, audio and pictures. After a recent crash the filming stopped working ( coloured lines all across screen) the camera still hear's audio and takes good pictures but when you click the film button the picture shows as the cloloured...