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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JustusPost, Nov 12, 2017.

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    Hey, fairly new quad owner here. Purchased an MJX Bugs 2 a few months back, and I could not be happier with most of the features I bought it for, such as the GPS hold and telemetry display. However the camera, which only records to an onboard micro usb, stopped recording halfway through it's first flight. There was no crash, no water damage or anything, and I have tried multiple micro sub cards but it will not record. Does anyone have any advice?
  2. I have same issue
  3. Has anyone solved this issue? I'm having the exact same problem. Sad part is, the thing really does fly well. But, with no camera, who wants it?
  4. I'm about to take mine out and put a tx03 in
  5. Eachine tx03 fpv camera will fit right in and fly with my fatshark Google's
  6. I have the Bugs 2, which is not FAV, and that's okay, but without the on-board camera, it's really of no use except to practice with. During the First flight it merely stopped recording and hasn't worked since. No icons showing on the remote. Very disappointing.
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    Return to the seller for refund or replacement?
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    Who did you get it from?
    :) Guess I've just been practicing all these years... Darn.
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  9. I have multi-meters, but this camera is embedded. Tried other cards. No use. It was an E-Bay purchase. Reviews were great. It flies better than others I've tried. Bugs 2 is the unit. We have an inquiry into the seller. I don't expect much, so I will consider the cost as "tuition." Thanks for the responses.
  10. Mine did the same thing it worked first flight then never worked again..I took it out put a tx03 in same hole fit perfect ran antenna thru the Sim card slot...I have tons of drones including 3 dji and the bugs 2 still one my favorite to fly..I use my fatshark Google's with it...never get rid my bug
  11. You can remove the existing camera? The connections are compatible? This I would be interested in.
  12. Go on YouTube there's dozens of videos of mounting fpv cameras in a bugs 2 c
  13. I see the link to the video and will check it out tomorrow. I have to go out. Thank you very much for this. I will let you know what I think. Like I said, I really like the way this drone responds. I have others and find them very hard to control. Thanks again.
  14. Yes you will be glad you did then fly it with some good goggles it's a whole new drone !!!!
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    I had assumed the OP wanted to record and view his flights. AKA use it as a camera bird.

    One of these, they only weigh 27 grams and will provide better video than the stock camera. This is 100 degree FOV they also have a wide angle 135.

    Some velcro to mount it to the belly and these.

    And you can toss some velcro on a cap and use it that way too.

    Just wanted to add that the mobius' parameters can be fully tweaked through it's app, a good thing.
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    I love my bugs 2 b2w so much I bought another. This way the wife can play with one and if she breaks I still have mine :) No issue with my card slot, still works as advertised. Hopefully second one that is on the way is good as well. Ordered from Banggood.
  17. Mines a 2 C
  18. Which battery would one use to power the TX03?

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