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Discussion in 'First Build' started by BL Swagger, Jan 8, 2017.

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    I have decided to do a DIY Quadcopter. I will be purchasing a starter kit to jump start the project since this is my first DIY. I have some questions concerning the RC transmitter/receiver though. I have made the questions bold.

    The starter kit comes with:
    1) Carbon Fiber Frame
    2) CC3D Flight Controller
    4) 2300 KV Motors
    5) 12A ESC's
    6) Propellers

    I am assuming that I will need to buy a battery for power, and a RC transmitter w/ receiver to be able to fly. Finding a battery is not of concern.

    My main concern is with the RC transmitter/receiver. I know that I should have at least a 6 channel transmitter. I think that the Flight Controller is the only thing I need to make sure it is compatible with, since the receiver will be connected to the Flight Controller. Will just about any transmitter pair up with my quadcopter and the flight control?

    I planned to buy a GoolRC FS-T6 transmitter/receiver. The link is below. Will this work?

    I have found some info and tutorials on setting up the CC3D flight controller, so I feel fairly confident with that. On the assumption that the RC Transmitter I get is compatible, do you have anymore advice or tips when setting everything up?

    Thankful for any help and info.
  2. holtneil

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    Hi mate all you do is hard wire the receiver to the input pins on the FCB so your have throttle/alie/elev/rudder this is the basic set up , what your talking about is using a satalite receiver and binding direct to the CC3D,
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  3. Jackson

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  4. BL Swagger

    BL Swagger Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I have learned a lot since first posting this. I needed the reassurance on the transmitter. I also like the transmitter better that you recommended, Jackon.

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