1. X

    Can I use my RC for the new drone?

    Hello, few years ago I bought a drone (DJI F450) and a remote controller (Graupner MX-12+GR-12 HoTT 2,4GHz). I recently started spending a lot of time in flying simulator (Liftoff) and now I decided to start flying a copter again, but this time I want to fly FPV. I did already a bit of...
  2. B

    Questions With RF Modules

    Hi All I am really happy with my DIY F450 and 1200mm build. Its pretty strong and responsive I work with a small R&D firm where we test various RF products for various purpose and need help with some questions. FIY, FC Pixhawk 4 mini, T Motor ESC and U7 motors remains as it is in frame. I keep...
  3. U

    Need advise, what goes with Holybro Kakute F4 and DSMX ?

    I decided I want to build my first drone ( not racing drone ). I am quiet good with electronics, software etc so that won't be problem. But currently I am trying to choose parts for my build, and I am overwhelmed. Because I want flight controller supported by ArduPilot firmware (...
  4. 2Hover

    Transmitter to control the RTF, toy quads?

    My questions are about the flysky type transmitters and rtf quads like symas. I'd like to use a better Tx for my rtf quads, but don't know enough about what's involved yet. * Will a something like a flysky i6 pair with a syma type rtf quad? * Will the FS Tx only pair with the FS supplied...
  5. D


    Hi I have a Huanqi 899B quadcopter. The controller doesn't power on and one of the control sticks (stick rocker?) is broken. So now I'm thinking of sourcing a new controller. I have heard that, typically, the controller needs a corresponding receiver on the quadcopter, so it's not as simple as...
  6. R

    How to set the setting to fly

    Hello, i have a problem with compability with my HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V2.1 (Atmega168PA) and my Turnigy Evolution Digital AFHDS 2A Radio Control System w/TGY-iA6C Receiver White Mode 2 i have a quadrocopter. How I should set the settings when I put propulsion little bit up only...
  7. S

    Flycolor X Tower Flight Controller

    Hello there, I am putting together my first build and got a Flycolor X Tower for my on-board electronics. Upon reading the manual, I found in the receiver hookup it says SPEKTRUM receiver. I am planning on using a FrSky transmitter that I bought a little while ago, does that mean I cannot use my...
  8. M

    suggestions for first radio ?

    I'm looking for my first radio for my homebuilt with MultiWii FC. I'd like to spend the minimum but not throw away the money for a basic reliable radio. I'm undecided between these two: - -...
  9. jrob4654

    Frsky FSD Nano V2 won't bind (again)

    My buddy and I just got Leader 3 RTF's from Full Speed. Bound to my Taranis X9D Plus without issue, setup my switches, then flew an indoor test flight. Was really excited to go start the tuning process at the park, until... Buddy had an issue with binding his to his Taranis QX7. The process I...
  10. R

    Controlling drone from pc via programming

    Hi everyone, Noobie here I have mounted all components on fpv drone ... I don't have a tranceiver because i want to use my computer in order to control my quad .I have already mounted my TS832 Transmitter + camera on drone and I have my 5.8G UVC RECEIVER connected on pc using a program...
  11. DiscrafT

    Is it possible to connect this transmitter to the receiver

    Hello there, I hope that this is the right place for my question :) I'm new to this but I bought one damaged hexacopter and it was paired with this TX and RX (pictures are included bellow) and it was weird because to the drone it was connected by Optima 7CH RX but it is not the original one...
  12. B

    Connecting receiver

    So I have a arris rtf drone and the fly sky FS-T6 controller. How do I connect the receiver with the drone? And how do I know what mode the receiver is? Is it PPM or am I understanding this completely wrong? Attached is a photo of the receiver. I can bind it but the drone keeps on beeping and...
  13. BL Swagger

    FlySky FS-i6 wont work after CleanFlight firmware update

    I had quite the ordeal figuring out how to update the firmware of my SPF3 FC . Turns out the issue was a faulty mini USB cable the whole time. Before updating the firmware, my quad would arm and run just fine. I needed to calibrate everything using CleanFlight, which resulted in updating the...
  14. Garpee

    Darkmax Receiver problem

    Cant get the receiver working on the furibee darkmax
  15. Oleg

    Syma X5HW sees all batteries as drained but they are not

    Good day! My Syma X5HW recently started behaving strangely. I put a fully-charged battery in it, start flying and get flashing "low battery" lights in 10-20 sec of flying. After 1 more minute it decends or falls down as usual when battery is fully drained. I thought that old batteries were the...
  16. Garpee

    Cant get my receiver to bind

    I just bought the Furibee Darkmax bindandfly. I ordered an afhds receiver as it should work with my flysky FS-i6 transmitter. I cant get it to work tho... Video of the problem:
  17. K

    Betaflight setup

    Not too long ago I have purchased the Lux V2 flight controller after I broke my first one. After soldering everything together I went into betaflight to make sure everything was working but I ran into some trouble. I couldn't setup the right receiver mode. When I changed something it just...
  18. Onore

    New Build- Issue with the Flysky Transmitter - No response

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum. I am trying to build my first quad. I connected every component to each other, flashed the Omnibus F3 flight controller through the Cleanflight. Binded the The Flysky FS-I6 to the FS-I6B receiver. The transmitter reads the telemetry data (voltage). When...
  19. R

    Wizard,spectrum combo?

    Guys, Mama gave me the ok to purchase an eachine wizard 220 drone. I have a spectrum Dx6e transmitter for another bird and want to stay with one. Is there a spektrum receiver that will work with eachine 220 that claims to have a F3 6DOF flight controller. Apparently, when sold with the...
  20. dborden

    RacerCube not binding to Trasmitter

    I have the AT9 Transmitter and I am trying to set up an external receiver using the R9DS receiver. I can not use the built in FRSKY receiver because the AT9 can only bind to Radiolink receivers.... However, I having issues getting flight controller binded to the transmitter. The receiver is...