1. B

    Questions With RF Modules

    Hi All I am really happy with my DIY F450 and 1200mm build. Its pretty strong and responsive I work with a small R&D firm where we test various RF products for various purpose and need help with some questions. FIY, FC Pixhawk 4 mini, T Motor ESC and U7 motors remains as it is in frame. I keep...
  2. GiantAntCowboy

    How to: Adjust VTX output power while flying.

    Just sharing this video showing “how to” setup a transmitter switch to control your VTX output power while flying. I’ve been using this feature since the summer and find it really useful when flying FPV and also when testing and tuning drones. Feel free to ask questions, if I don’t respond...
  3. Y

    Can you fly with more than 25mw of output power LEGALLY in Europe?

    Hello, this is a question I asked myself for a long time because I heard from others that you can't fly on more than 25mw of video output power outside of the US, is that true? I'm new to the hobby, so the question might seem dumb, but still, answer please even if you find it obvious, because I...
  4. 2Hover

    Best first multi-protocol transmitter and simulator?

    This winter I'd like to practice with a multi-protocol transmitter and simulator, neither of which I have experience with. I want a transmitter I can fly with that binds to Hubsan, etc. and has USB port. My budget for this is around $200. I've had quads like MJX and Syma for a few years and I...
  5. 2Hover

    Transmitter to control the RTF, toy quads?

    My questions are about the flysky type transmitters and rtf quads like symas. I'd like to use a better Tx for my rtf quads, but don't know enough about what's involved yet. * Will a something like a flysky i6 pair with a syma type rtf quad? * Will the FS Tx only pair with the FS supplied...
  6. D


    Hi I have a Huanqi 899B quadcopter. The controller doesn't power on and one of the control sticks (stick rocker?) is broken. So now I'm thinking of sourcing a new controller. I have heard that, typically, the controller needs a corresponding receiver on the quadcopter, so it's not as simple as...
  7. S

    Flycolor X Tower Flight Controller

    Hello there, I am putting together my first build and got a Flycolor X Tower for my on-board electronics. Upon reading the manual, I found in the receiver hookup it says SPEKTRUM receiver. I am planning on using a FrSky transmitter that I bought a little while ago, does that mean I cannot use my...
  8. M

    suggestions for first radio ?

    I'm looking for my first radio for my homebuilt with MultiWii FC. I'd like to spend the minimum but not throw away the money for a basic reliable radio. I'm undecided between these two: - -...
  9. A

    x220 bad tx?

    Hi all, Is it common for the eachine wizard x220 to come with a bad tx that fizzles out when it gets hot? Ive seen on a couple x220 review sites that they recommend upgrading the tx as soon as you can. Thx, Alex
  10. J

    new to fpv drone flying need help?????

    Hi im new to the drone world and looking to get the e max hawk 5 or the eachine wizard x220. Im wondering if the Taranis X-lite is compatible and what would i need to get everything going my build list is as fallows: 1. eachine wizard x220 fpv drone 2. eachine ev100 fpv goggles 3. taranis...
  11. D

    No telemetry on Bayangtoys X21

    I bought a Bayangtoys x21 drone which works great apart from this one flaw; on the transmitter, the distance, height, speed, compass direction, drone battery level and satellite connection aren't showing up or sometimes show up but have a huge latency. Someone suggested that a GPS module may be...
  12. G

    Connecting receiver to transmitter

    hello! I’m very new to FPV quads and what not. But I can not seem to be able to bind my transmitter to my receiver since I do not have a binding cable and can’t seem to find out how to make one. This is just one of the many problems I’ll need assistance on :( I have a TaranisQ X7 transmitter...
  13. R

    Controlling drone from pc via programming

    Hi everyone, Noobie here I have mounted all components on fpv drone ... I don't have a tranceiver because i want to use my computer in order to control my quad .I have already mounted my TS832 Transmitter + camera on drone and I have my 5.8G UVC RECEIVER connected on pc using a program...
  14. Erpoyo

    Eachine TX526 - Great video transmitter for FPV for 12$

    Hi, This transmitter has been there for some time but I just received mine and had the oportunity to play a little with it and got really really surprised! Created a video on the review, hope you find it useful! Also will be doing some more reviews so stay tunned and subscribe on the channel...
  15. G

    No ground plate on my drone transmitter

    Hey I am pretty new to this forum and don't know much about it I just want to ask about the ground plate beside the antenna on the transmitter of toy drones i.e Syma X5C I planned to do a range mod on my drone transmitter as it has a very poor range While searching on youtube for range mods...
  16. DiscrafT

    Is it possible to connect this transmitter to the receiver

    Hello there, I hope that this is the right place for my question :) I'm new to this but I bought one damaged hexacopter and it was paired with this TX and RX (pictures are included bellow) and it was weird because to the drone it was connected by Optima 7CH RX but it is not the original one...
  17. Junaid

    Will Eachine E011 transmitter bind with E010 Quad??

    Will I be able to fly E010 with E011 transmitter?
  18. Junaid

    Does Eachine E011C remote work with Eachine E010C?

    I was just interested if Eachine E011C remote can bind with Eachine E010C quad.. Ps(It would be enough if i could control the drone only with basic functions)
  19. BL Swagger

    FlySky FS-i6 wont work after CleanFlight firmware update

    I had quite the ordeal figuring out how to update the firmware of my SPF3 FC . Turns out the issue was a faulty mini USB cable the whole time. Before updating the firmware, my quad would arm and run just fine. I needed to calibrate everything using CleanFlight, which resulted in updating the...
  20. E

    quad fell like a rock when it lost signal.. why?

    The first drone i had fell slowly once i lost signal, but recently, with another one, it lost signal and just cut it's motors and crashed, why is this? and is there a way to stop it. I thought of popping the antenna out for more signal, but i think it would still just fall.