1. flyboyfpv

    Quadcopter Drone Buying Guide for Beginners

    I just put together a buying guide for those interested in getting into drones without spending too much.
  2. Skybird

    Just listed on Ebay Hubsan X4 107D Bundle Including Modded Transmitter and FVP Goggles + Bonus X4

    After 20 years selling on Ebay i'm done I just can't deal with their treatment of sellers, anyhow it's still available so if anyone is interested I think it's still on the ebay link just not active let me know, I will accept all reasonable offers. Thanks I just listed my whole Hubsan 107 D...
  3. herror6

    Multiwii Arduino Uno R3 Quadcopter Accel not working

    Hello all, I've assembled a quadcopter using Arduino Uno R3 , Gy-521 with Multiwii. I've used this schematic Everything worked great with the solderless cables from Arduino, so I started soldering. Everything soldered and the Gy-521 doesn't seem to work properly when I use the MultiwiiConf...
  4. zflycam

    What's the most popular camera drone for film now?

    Now, there are some famous, like Alta x, Neo, GD-120x. Are there any other brands to consider? Did someone use Neo? Because I can't know the whole information of it. I would like to get one, I wonder to know if it's worthy to buy.
  5. X

    how to find the minimum battery capacity C required for the drone to reach the landing point?

    I calculated the height object height, Distance to the base of the object, Drone weight, maximum and minimum battery voltage, resistance force and power (P). The drone is flying in steady state, without acceleration and flying on a straight trajectory. I started looking for formulas on the...
  6. zflycam

    New film drone

    有人对我们最新的电影无人机感兴趣吗?它具有以下特点: 1。极其安全快速的折叠和拆卸; 2.最大有效载荷可达50千克。 3.定制APP功能和性能要求
  7. T

    X-tra Xdr1-2 drone syncing issue

    X-tra XDR1-2 drone bought second hand with original remote. I have tried common zero to full to zero calibration and syncing techniques and still not syncing or starting up. Any help would be great.
  8. N

    HELP, drone camera cable

    My syma x8g drone camera cable broke (buying a new one isn't an option) so I'm trying to make my own and I really need help with the wiring, I tried a lot of different combinations but none seemed to work, the camera led would stay green forever, so can someone help me with the wiring? Or maybe...
  9. AlexGold


    Filmed snowkiting action at local spot.
  10. B

    Can I swap cameras?

    So I got a quadcopter for Christmas last year and the camera is less than optimal. It is the Promark VR P70-VR. Can I swap the camera and if so, to which camera. Looking to keep it around $30-$40. I will post pics of the way it is mounted, the wires, and it being removed. The camera comes off...
  11. Cris

    Bugs 3 with GO Pro Hero 7 Black

    Has anyone tried to fly the Bugs 3 with the GO Pro Hero 7 Black (I have doctored the supplied bracket so it will take the GO Pro mount already, but won't attach it until I gain flight experience, so just using a cheaper camera at the moment). I here varying opinion, in that, if I use the Wi Fi...
  12. Cris

    Bugs 3 Batteries and Chargers

    Hiya Guys, I am brand new here and even worse a rookie with the Bugs 3..... I have just taken delivery of mine today. I am wanting more batteries and have already seen that people do not rate the charger that comes with the Bugs 3. So a very simple question.... What charger and battery...
  13. B

    First Build - 450mm frame w/935Kv Motor

    Hi I've been researching for a while regarding my first quadcopter build and I was looking to get some advice from the forums. I'm planning a 450 frame with Emax MT2213 (935Kv) motors and 8" props. I was going to pick up the Anniversary Special Edition Racerstar REV35 35A for £20 from banggood...
  14. M

    Image processing with a quad

    Hi all, I am pretty new on this hobby and I have no any quad on my hand for now. I am collecting my pieces to make a quad. However, I cannot overcome some hardware issues. I want to process images. But I don't know which control cards should be used for this mission except Raspberry Pi. If...
  15. A

    Fixing up my machine x220?

    Hello all, Overall I'm a newb when it comes to building quadcopter. About half a year ago I bought the eachine wizard x220 and now I'm getting back into some quad flying. Back when I bought it i plugged in the battery without the antenna screwed in so I'm pretty sure the transmitter is broken...
  16. C

    450 style quadcopter

    I am building my first quadcopter, I have a lot of little cheap ones I have been flying and I really want to do an fpv quadcopter. I 3d printed a couple of 450 frames, I know most fpv are the smaller frames and if I am swayed I will go with the alien CB frame. I am trying to find a FAST motor...
  17. LoneRCRanger

    The Hydrogen Quad --- Revisited

    I get this online newsletter called UAV Coach. In it was an article regarding the future of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Quadcopters. One in particular is called the NARWHAL 2. I am including the URL Link regarding the article...
  18. P

    Need help setting up Telemetry with SPF3 flight controller with spectrum 4649t reciever

    I have not been able to get telemetry to work on my SPF3 flight controlleer and my spectrum 4649t receiver. Currently i have the tx and rx tied together on the 4649t using Sbus on Uart2 of the flight controller. I have supplied ground and +5v from PDB to receiver. I cannot get any telemetry data...
  19. Ikram

    Need help building a large quadcopter

    I am a software engineer and don't have much knowledge of mechanics. I want to build a quadcopter that can lift about the wieght of a person say 100 kgs. I am thinking of to use a 125cc bike engine for power and gearbox for related speed change requirements. So the total weight of the drone...
  20. L

    Which motor for quadcopter?

    Hello, I don't know which motor I have to take for my new Quadcopter. I want that my Quadcopter is relative stable (for recordings), but also response relative fast? I have a 450mm frame. I often read that the T-Motor F40 Pro II are very good motor? Many thanks