1. Junaid

    Help me build the cheapest Quad possible!

    I was actually trying to make a quad within 10-20$ I plan to buy the following parts- 1) Syma X5C Motors - 4$ 2) Propeller - 2$ 3) Lipo Battery - 3.5$ 4) Eachine E010 receiver board - 5$ 5) Eachine E011C transmitter - 5$ Is there anything else I'll be needing?? Will these stuff be enough...
  2. Diven

    What do you think about this 180 build parts?

    I saw someone share his 180 quad build parts and I'm very interesting in it, and I will list his quad build parts, I want to know which one is good and bad? give me some advice, Just want to learn more build experience. Maybe I will build a scuh quad in future. These are the 180 quad build...
  3. Thrice Saitta

    Top advice for starting a build on professional quality boards for AIO Photography Drone?

    I am a total noob programmer and engineer looking to use drones as a first step in this field of learning while I go to school. I already order a simple JJRC H31 with the 2mp camera as a starter. I will already be making mods(like the FOV & antennas)and working with waterproof resin(at least...
  4. S

    Need help with a build

    Hey Guys, first time poster here. I have recently started in the drone market. I have bought a few $100-$200 drones and taught myself how to fly and repair the drones. But I want something more. I want to build my own drone with a nice camera that I can view live. The frame I want is linked...
  5. raymon kroeze

    Making a new frame using my CNC machine

    The last couple of months a was working on a new frame design! I wanted to make a very light and yet strong frame. The whole frame was made out of 4 mm carbon fiber and weights only 90 grams. Watch this video to see the frame come to life.
  6. BL Swagger

    DIY Quadcopter, RC Config

    I have decided to do a DIY Quadcopter. I will be purchasing a starter kit to jump start the project since this is my first DIY. I have some questions concerning the RC transmitter/receiver though. I have made the questions bold. The starter kit comes with: 1) Carbon Fiber Frame 2) CC3D Flight...
  7. Yx0

    General-purpouse 500mm drone build

    Hi! My first build attempt. I'm still gathering info and not yet ordered the parts. This drone should be able in future to be able to lift gimbal + sports cam (like GoPro etc'). I'm also planning to add FPV, OSD and GPS. Please note that I'm extremely tight on budget so go easy on me :) Frame...
  8. Gabriel

    Replacement Lens for FPV Camera?

    Hey guys. I was flying the other day and I was doing some flips/rolls and stuff and I suppose my fpv camera lens came loose, because it had fallen off of the camera board! I have this camera: . I looked around on the internet and I was looking at this lens...
  9. P

    First DIY quadcopter wont fly

    Hi all, I have builded my first DIY quadcopter and have some unresolved issues with it. Unfortunately it is not stable enough to hover and fly. Quad begins to overcompensate and lose control very quickly if given higher throttle (30% throttle or more). Total weight of quad is around 1,5kg...
  10. Shampoo1014

    Head First - ZMR X210 Build

    Hi from South Africa everyone! My dad has been involved in drones for a while now and he has managed to infect me with the craze when I flew his 3DR Solo (which I flicked to sport mode and flew at breakneck speed around the grounds). I mentioned an interest in drone racing once I had flown his...
  11. A

    First build: mini quad

    Hi I'd like to build a small quadcopter without any (or, better said, as little as possible) pre-build parts: I'd like to program by myself one/some microcontroller/s to control the motors and the sensors I'm going to use and I should be able to do it, but I actually don't now how to make all...
  12. Proxxii

    250Size RTF DIY Build

    Want to sell my first build. For just the cost of parts. PIDS are tuned. Everything is essentially brand new. Its seen about 25 flights with no hard crashes. I'm asking 250$ for all. Let me know if your interested or have any questions. :] Weight: 530g (With Battery) Frame: QAV250 Motors: DYS...
  13. D

    Ready to get started in Build-your-own

    Since I have made up my mind to get a pre-ordered Yuneec Typhoon H for my Video drone and a couple of starter (learning) drones: Potensic® Upgraded X5C-1 Syma Explorer 2.4GHz 6 Axis Gyro 4CH RC Quadcopter with 2 Megapixels Camera and JJRC H20C Nano 2MP Camera Hexacopter Quadcopter 2.4G 6CH...
  14. elec0m

    DIY $42 FPV Goggles for RC Quadcopters

    In my opinion the best way to enjoy FPV is with video goggles. Sadly the cheapest FPV goggles out there is around $150. $150 I don't have. So i came up with a solution! A DIY pair you can make for $42! Sure the experience isn't as great as what you would get from a Fatshark or other high end FPV...
  15. Kiko.Z

    Tutorial: DIY Motor Protection Case Costless For Your Drone

    Hope this article is useful for you Original post
  16. D

    My DIY drone flips without command

    Hey guys. Last month I was taking out my 450 quad for a flight. I began to take off and as I reached enough thrust to get off the ground, the two right motors throttled up a lot more without my command and it flopped over, breaking the props. My latest shipment of props just came in (after...