1. iflying

    FPV Beginner’s Guide : How To Choose The Best FPV Drone Motor

    In fact, the best motor does not exist. The performance and applicable model of each motor are different. So which motor you choose depends on your frame, flight requirements and budget, etc. 1.Select the appropriate motor according to your frame Usually, many manufacturers will provide the...
  2. S

    Propeller selection for Gaart ML2212S 920KV Motor

    Hello friends, I want to buy a propeller for the ML2212S engine, I wanted to get your suggestions and opinion? Can you suggest a website where I can buy quality propellers? First of all, I have one or two questions. 1 - ML2212S recommended propeller is 9443 propellers for 4s. Do you mind if I...
  3. C

    Best motor choice for a ~1.2 kg drone

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie in the field of the drones, and I'm trying to build a DIY one. After selecting all the components of the drone (except the motors, of course, the weight of the drone will be around 1.2 kg (I hope this weight includes the motors, because without motors, the weight is...
  4. A

    Motor is not spinning

    I’m using Pixhawk cube, matek, and navio2 power module with sunnysky bldc motor, new xxd 30a esc. I use r12ds and at10 ii as RC system. 4s 1800mah lipo battery. I did everything as shown as manual. When I plug in my battery to the system. 2 led of matek is blinking red and motor beeping...
  5. E

    Motor numbering

    Newbie question to quad veterans: what is the correct motor number sequence for quadcopters? Or, is there a consistent standard for motor numbering? I have looked at numerous quadcopter related sites and it seems that just about every possible motor numbering scheme is used. For example...
  6. A

    Help! Racestar Brushless BR2205 Motor issues

    I'm having issues with my quadcopter's motors. I'm using Racestar BR 2205 brushless motors, but when I mount them to the frame and test the motors in Cleanflight, they spin slowly and make a rubbing/grinding like noise (I'll attach a video). But when I unscrew the motor from the frame and test...
  7. M

    1 brand new motor is noisier than the others

    I tested my brand new motors and as you can see the second in the video is noisier than the others, is that normal? I tried swapping it to anoter ESC with the same result turning it by hand feels the same compared to the others, maybe a little bit more jerky, but it is probably just an...
  8. P

    Wizard X220S - Motor arming problem

    Greetings, recently I bought an Eachine Wizard X200S from Banggood. After I opened it, I had to replace the reciever cable to connect the drone with my Flysky i6, but it wasn't a problem. I paired the drone with the controller successfully and then I did some settings in CleanFlight. Because...
  9. Mak N'zee

    Tzumi SkyHawk Broken Gears

    Hi, I have the Skyhawk for my Son. Thing is, after several crashes the gears have worn out the teeth. I don't know much about them apart from how to replace them, only thing is I cannot find where to buy them as they are not made anymore and tzumi messaged me to say they cannot help. Would be...
  10. L

    Which motor for quadcopter?

    Hello, I don't know which motor I have to take for my new Quadcopter. I want that my Quadcopter is relative stable (for recordings), but also response relative fast? I have a 450mm frame. I often read that the T-Motor F40 Pro II are very good motor? Many thanks
  11. Dronemadness

    T-Motor F60 Pro 2207 2200kv

    The T-Motor F series of motors has become one of the staples in the FPV realm, and has been through quite a number of revisions and releases. The Pro line is a step up in the design, adding some interesting new features such as silver plated windings, better magnet layout, and larger stator...
  12. S

    Help with motor.

    I have bought a midrone(not the xiaomi one), I thought it would be good for a beginner. But handling it was way more difficult than I thought, so it dropped upside down on the ground and it seems to have busted one of the motors. The official page has spares but can't ship to my country, so I'm...
  13. B

    Advice on diagnosing a propellor/motor problem - Resolved (calibration)

    Hi All :) I'm seeking a little advice from everyone who might have an opinion cause I'm basically fairly new to quads and I'm not sure how to go about diagnosing this problem. I have a toy drone (Kai Deng K70F) that I've been using to introduce myself to flight and get confidence with before...
  14. Alex8850

    First Build, weird DC motor sound

    Hello, Last week I finished up my first build and, unwisely, without previous experience, decided to fly it for the first time, so it ended up crashing. After picking it up, one of the DC motors started to emit a weird noise, here is a short half-minute video demonstrating it: I honestly do...
  15. P

    Brushless motor has grinding sound when rotating

    Hi guys, Recently I tried to move my components onto a new frame. As I was mounting the motors I noticed that one of them wasn't spinning like the others and was making a grinding sound. I forced a few rotations manually but eventually, the motor would not budge, even with a heap of force. I...
  16. DiscrafT

    Are these right propellers for my motors?

    Hi there, I'm rebuilding one hexacopter which I bought from my brother. And on the drone were carbon fiber T propellers 15x5.5 (I'm almost sure) And these motors MT 3510 600KV link...
  17. K

    New Sky Viper V2540 Drone Not Working Properly

    I just got a Sky Viper V2450 drone for Christmas. Two days ago I was flying it outside, and accidentally crashed it into a tree. It didn't crash hard at all - I don't even know if you could really call it a "crash". I just flew it too close to the branches so the propellers hit them and it fell...
  18. G

    Syma X5SC-1 Broken tooth on motor pinion

    Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the pinion (small plastic cog) on the end of the motor spindle, or does the whole motor have to be replaced?
  19. Yog Dharaskar

    Broke a motor shaft.

    Hi, I was flying a ZMR250 quad yesterday. I gave it a plenty of height, like ~200ft or so then a bird came out of nowhere and crashed into the quad. The bird (a sparrow) was cut into pieces(still feeling bad about it). And I was sure that my quad will soon be in pieces too but it wasn't in...
  20. P

    Motor and ESC caught fire... help!

    So was just about to fly a build when I had the great idea to test out the motors (with no props) on the bench to see that everything was working before I took it to the park. I may have gotten a little too throttle happy because the front left motor started to smoke, then caught on fire... then...