T-Motor F60 Pro 2207 2200kv

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    The T-Motor F series of motors has become one of the staples in the FPV realm, and has been through quite a number of revisions and releases.​


    The Pro line is a step up in the design, adding some interesting new features such as silver plated windings, better magnet layout, and larger stator sizes. This motor matches the 2207 stator size of the previous F60, keeping the same weight, and being the odd man out of the F series Pro family, opting for narrow and taller, rather than wider and shorter. ​


    The motor is still a tad heavy, coming in at just over 35g, but given the stator size that is not really unreasonable. Not much physically in the design has changed. The motor uses most of the same design techniques as the F40II, presenting a much lower profile and slimmer bell than the previous F60. All-in-all this update represents some significant improvements to the previous F series motors.​

    Test Results

    The performance on this motor in particular was had some really interesting results. The relatively low KV combined with some really powerful hardware puts out some really impressive performance with quite decent efficiency across the throttle curve.​


    The F60Pro actually put out the same output on the heavier props as the F60v2 2450kv, but at significantly lower amps. The higher KV of the F60v2 will give a bit different feel lower in the throttle, but the lower KV of the F60Pro here will take away some of the float on the props that tend to have higher thrust at low throttle, like the 5x4x4 and the range of 6" props.

    Overall some very impressive performance here, and some great improvements to the F series motors.​


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