Brushless motor has grinding sound when rotating

Discussion in 'Parts & Components' started by Philbruh, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. Philbruh

    Philbruh Member

    Hi guys,

    Recently I tried to move my components onto a new frame. As I was mounting the motors I noticed that one of them wasn't spinning like the others and was making a grinding sound. I forced a few rotations manually but eventually, the motor would not budge, even with a heap of force.

    I have a feeling something might be stuck inside. Is it possible to open it? Its an emax RS2205s 2300kv motor, but cant figure out how to do so
  2. ringolong

    ringolong Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a loose magnet. You should be able to remove the clip and re-glue the magnet.
  3. Philbruh

    Philbruh Member

    Finally found what it was, there was a small piece of metal that was stuck between 2 of the magnets. Once I removed it the bell was moving freely again

    My question now is would this have caused much internal damage after I forcefully rotated it?
  4. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    You'll find out. You should put a couple of drops of a thin oil (not W-30) on the bearings too.
  5. KentA

    KentA Well-Known Member

    I'd be more worried about where that piece came from.
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