UDI i350HW Quadcopter Preview (Hobbywow)

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    Hey guys, I'm sharing this post as a preview of a new wifi FPV quadcopter on Hobbywow, called the UDI i350HW. Check it out here:


    Here are what it brings to the table:

    - Standard 6 axis gyro stabilization and 4 channel controls. It also has altitude hold, which should make this a decent FPV flier. The altitude hold is always on, however, so you wouldn't be able to get very sporty with this quadcopter. The built in barometer should also help in stabilizing the quadcopter, so the video quality should be decent.

    - This drone also has one key takeoff and landing. The former will help beginners get started without worrying about altitude control at all, while the later will help maintain the motors, as they will shut off automatically on landing, preventing the propellers from getting caught in grass and overheating the motor. If you feel like you are about to crash, or if you do crash, then there is an emergency stop button that will kill the motors right away, to prevent propeller or motor damage.

    - It's physical features are nice and convenient. It is big enough to be able to handle moderate winds outside, especially in high rates, but at the same time, you should be able to fly it inside without risking damage to anything from bumping into things, especially if you are a decent pilot. It is extremely lightweight, so in the case of a crash, even if it falls 50 feet to the grass, it should be able to survive it without damage. It's weight and average size should make it an easily portable model, as well. In my opinion it looks really nice, with bright LEDs and a nice golden finish.

    - The quadcopter does come with headless mode, although I am not a big fan of this feature. While it can help beginners, it is better to learn how to fly without having to depend on these features. The camera included seems like it is not an HD module, but it shoots at 30 frames per second, which isn't bad for wifi first person view.

    - One aspect of this quadcopter that should be a given is its flight performance. I expect it to be an extremely stable flier with decent speed, as it uses the UDI protocol, which is famous for the 818 quad, perhaps the best cheap drone on the whole market. So, this quadcopter should definitely shine in the flight control aspect of quads.

    - The FPV system, as I already stated, uses a Wifi broadcasting signal. This can cause interference if the drone is not flown in an open area. Also, the FPV range is probably not going to exceed 50 metres or so. Since it uses wifi, it does not come with the monitor, and you will have to use your own phone or tablet to view the FPV. Also, since it is not a GPS drone, telemetry will not be available on the first person view screen. That said, the price is cheaper than it would be for a 5.8 GHZ FPV setup, and some people do like the higher brightness of mobile screens and the easier portability, as you always have your smartphone with you anyways.

    - Undoubtedly the biggest feature this quadcopter has to offer is within the mobile app. After downloading the application from the App Store, you will find a system that is usually limited to drones over $300 in price. This system is one that allows you to draw a route on your FPV screen that the quadcopter will then follow. Now I realize that it will not work as smoothly as say, a DJI route planner, but nonetheless, I find it to be quite a neat aspect of this quadcopter.

    - In conclusion, this quadcopter has a below average camera and FPV system, but great flight characteristics and a really cool mobile app feature. It comes ready to fly, and it isn't very expensive, so I would recommend taking a look. It's available on Hobbywow here:

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    thx for review / info
    I has a UDI 818 and considering upgrade (like the camera, not so much the fly characteristics)

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