1. R

    [Recommend] Best non-fpv hobby grade micro done

    Hey all, I bought a drone about a week ago, and I've been playing the heck out of it in quarantine. It's a toy-grade quadcopter that I bought off amazon for about 15 usd (propel atom). I wanted to go a little further, so I was wondering if anyone could give me recommendations for drones. I would...
  2. M

    Choosing between Bayangtoys X22 and AEE AP11 Pro

    I am looking to buy my first drone. The main purpose is photography/video. So I searched for a budget drone with 3-axis Gimbal on it and with ability to change the camera that comes with. I narrowed down below two. I am not sure which one to choose, so need some help. AEE AP11 Pro ($175)...
  3. PetFan

    Add Camera To a Cheap Drone (Hubsan h107L)

    Hi i bought the hubsan h107l without camera and i want to buy a camera (i prefer to be wifi camera) to record videos, and if it is with wifi to use it as fpv. I want the camera to be up to 15$. I know how to make the connection. Have you got anything suggest to me? Thanks in advance.
  4. L

    Bugs3 - Does this cheap fpv system will work?

    Hi there, If I buy this camera to put it on my Bugs3 (it already has a vague slot on the board, right?) And use that OTG receiver, will the FPV system work with my smartphone or did I forget something? Also, thanks for the help that you guys provide to me! - camera...
  5. DuaneM

    The Hubsan 3S 11.1v 7000mAh super cheap battery is BACK!

    The guy is on eBay under the name "HobbyStuff630" He sells the batteries for only $22.99 or BEST OFFER! + Free Shipping! I'm going to put the eBay link here: Go get one fast, I don't know how many he has!
  6. Rc Reviewer

    JJRC H31 Waterproof Quadcopter Review (Hobbywow)

    Hey everyone, this is a review of a really neat quadcopter, the JJRC H31 Waterproof drone. I received this product from Hobbywow, and it is retailing on their site for very cheap. I recommend you check it out here: To start off, this item...
  7. Rc Reviewer

    UDI i350HW Quadcopter Preview (Hobbywow)

    Hey guys, I'm sharing this post as a preview of a new wifi FPV quadcopter on Hobbywow, called the UDI i350HW. Check it out here: Here are what it brings to the table: - Standard 6 axis gyro stabilization and 4 channel controls. It also has...
  8. Rc Reviewer

    Hubsan H002: HD Micro Camera Quad!

    Hey everyone, I was browsing online and I found what looks to be a promising quadcopter. It's called the Hubsan H002, and it has a lot of neat features. It's currently being sold on Geekbuying, and I recommend you check out the link: Here...
  9. Rc Reviewer

    FQ777 918C Quadcopter Review (Geekbuying)

    This is my in depth review of the Fq-777 918C quadcopter. The review model was provided by Geekbuying in exchange for an unbiased review. I would like to thank them for this honest attitude, and I look forward to reviewing more products for them in the future. They have a lot of Rc products...
  10. Rc Reviewer

    Sy X23 $10 Nano Drone Review (Hobbywow)

    This is my in depth review of the Sy X23 nano drone which was provided by Hobbywow in exchange for an unbiased review. I also made a short night flight video of this product to show how it performs. I would like to thank Hobbywow for this honest attitude, and I look forward to reviewing more...
  11. Rc Reviewer

    Wltoys A959 Full Review (Geekbuying)

    This is my comprehensive review of the wltoys A959 Rc Car from Geekbuying. To purchase this car, check out this link: To start off, this Rc car arrives well packaged and protected. I purchased this item at a discount from Geekbuying in...
  12. Rc Reviewer

    Best Beginners Quadcopter for $50: Syma X5C-1

    This is my in-depth review of the Syma X5C-1 quadcopter, which I purchased for $50 USD from Gearbest. Check the end of this review for links to my Unboxing and Onboard Footage videos on this quadcopter/ drone. Purchase this quadcopter here:
  13. Rc Reviewer

    Mini RC for $6: Tiny Can Car RTR Package

    This is my in-depth review of the tiny 1/63 scale RC Can Car, purchased for $6 USD from Gearbest. The links to my Unboxing, Review, and Demonstration videos can be found at the end of this review. Purchase the RC Can Car from here: To start off...
  14. Rc Reviewer

    Great RC Helicopter for $20: Sky Rover Stalker

    This is my in-depth review of the Sky Rover Stalker 3 Channel RC Helicopter, purchased for $20 USD from Amazon. The links to my Unboxing, Review, and Demonstration videos can be found at the end of this text. Purchase it from Amazon...
  15. Rc Reviewer

    HB-P1803 Rc $30 Rock Crawler Review

    This is my complete review of the HB-P1803 4WD 1/18 Rock Crawler, which I purchased for just under 30 USD from Gearbest. Here is the purchase link: Check the end of this post for links to Unboxing, Review, and Demonstration videos on this product...
  16. B

    Is there a better quad for me than this?

    So I want a relatively cheap quad kit that I have to build. I don't want a RTF because I want to be able to make modifications to it when parts break. I came upon this and it almost seems too good to be true. It's sold by miniquadbros and...
  17. G

    Good starter FPV micro quad

    Hello, I’m interested in trying FPV quad racing but I’m not ready to invest alot of time or money into it until I have tried it out first to make sure that I’m going to enjoy it. I have been looking for a cheap and easy to setup RTF micro quad to practice with. Below is a list of micro quads...
  18. Jacob Blocker

    Best under $100 drone?

    So i have done some searching and i have found the XK Alien X250 and i think it is a very good drone, but every talks about the SYMA X5C. On paper the alien seam much better and it come with a screen and it is not wifi. I do not know what to get. my budget is under 100$ and i want a pfv and it...
  19. J

    A cheap/beginner drone with (good) camera

    Hello everyone, My name is Jesse and next summer i'll be going to Austria and I came up with the idea of buying a drone with a camera so I could make some cool video's in the mountains and around those lakes. I'm a beginner in drone flying and my price range is around 100-150 maybe 170 max...
  20. usualguy

    Best Quadcopter for Filming *on a budget*

    What do you guys think of this post? Do you agree? Or do you know better options? Thanks!