1. itsmadmax420

    Open-source drone developer kit

    I am a part of the engineering team of a startup company called Zeius. We are currently in development of a drone with gaming capabilities. As we've made progress on our internal developer tools we thought the drone community could benefit from these tools as well. We are developing a...
  2. H

    Drone video not working troubleshoot

    Hello everyone, I am currently on my first build and ran into some video issues. Kit: -MAMBA F405 MK2 Betaflight Flight Controller F40 40A 3-6S DSHOT600 FPV Racing Brushless ESC -JJA-CM1200 1/3 CMOS 1200TVL Mini FPV Camera 2.1mm Lens 16:9 PAL/NTSC Black/Red For RC Drone - Black NTSC -Eachine...
  3. R

    Seeking advice for an autonomous ping pong drone player

    Hello everyone, I made an autonomous ping pong drone player prototype during my master research . Now it is able to return some balls thrown at it 40% of the time, in simulation it achieves 80%. Do you think some people will be interested in that kind of product to buy to play ping pong...
  4. G

    Build an RC drone from home material

    I am looking for help building my own remote controlled drone from waste home materials, like cardboard, styrofoam, plastic etc. Except the motor/battery/controller/receiver/transmitter, I need to build the frame of the drone as well as the propellers from waste materials. No kits. If anybody...

    Hello from Boston, MA!

    Very excited to join this drone Community. First drone was a phantom 1. Graduated to a phantom 4 a couple years ago but have now moved more into FPV and actually building quads. l’m not really not sure why I haven’t joined a forum like this sooner. On top of being a drone nerd, I am a car...
  6. B

    The very NEW product, the best film aerial photography drone!!!

    There are many good drones in the market, such as NEO, alta 8, I got one with maximum load is 50kg, speed is 100km/h, compatible with all large gimbals, can be mounted up and down, what you guys think?
  7. F

    Gifted a Drone, Need Help with Specs Please!

    Hi all, I was just given this drone from an old mentor of mine. Problem is, this quad and all its accessories are way over my head. I don't have the skills or time to dedicate to a quad like this, and I'd really like to sell it to someone who could give it more life than I could. Would y'all...
  8. B

    Smooth operator $300 negotiable need to sell asap!

    Catalyst Machine Works smooth Operator 5 inch, Brother Hobby Returner R6 2207 2400kv motors, Josh bardwell runcam micro eagle, emax magnum mini f4 stack. Tbs unify pro race v2, axii stubby, tbs crossfire nano Diversity receiver, crossfire immortal T antenna, 4x Tattu 4s 1550 mah 100c lipos, TBS...
  9. J

    SJRC F11

    Hi, i have just bought a new SJRC F11 and have some problem with the SD card. When I’m saving the video to my iPhone through the app it is just a blur. If I take the SD out of the drone and put it in to my PC then the footage is ok. So my question is how can I save the footage to my iPhone with...
  10. N

    HELP, drone camera cable

    My syma x8g drone camera cable broke (buying a new one isn't an option) so I'm trying to make my own and I really need help with the wiring, I tried a lot of different combinations but none seemed to work, the camera led would stay green forever, so can someone help me with the wiring? Or maybe...
  11. R

    How to set the setting to fly

    Hello, i have a problem with compability with my HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V2.1 (Atmega168PA) and my Turnigy Evolution Digital AFHDS 2A Radio Control System w/TGY-iA6C Receiver White Mode 2 i have a quadrocopter. How I should set the settings when I put propulsion little bit up only...
  12. utsavchopra


    Are you looking for a solution to automate your drone operations? Then check out all new improved FlytGCS solution which can turn your manual business workflow to automated workflow. You can use FlytGCS for use cases like remote inspection, security, safety and much more. Simply get started...
  13. F

    Did i fry my ESCs?

    so i accidentally plugged in the battery to my emax Tinyhawk while the motors were unplugged, and now it does no beeps or boops or led flashing, it connects to betaflight but the motors wont spin when i increase the throttle in the motor tab, did i just screw up my drone? :(

    CycloneFPV racing drone winter

    This is a Diablo 220 from http://CycloneFPV.com
  15. Cris

    Bugs 3 Batteries and Chargers

    Hiya Guys, I am brand new here and even worse a rookie with the Bugs 3..... I have just taken delivery of mine today. I am wanting more batteries and have already seen that people do not rate the charger that comes with the Bugs 3. So a very simple question.... What charger and battery...
  16. R

    KINGKONG LDARC 200gt 200 MM FPV Racing Drone/ FRSKY XM+ Reciever

    1- 200Gt Drone 1- Frsky XM+ Reciever 1- Set of motor guards. 5- Sets of Props 2- Batteries Drone Flies Great, Son more into cars now!!? item listed on ebay: item #292900973456
  17. sam-H

    CW4 replacement parts shop link

    tired of finding replacement part? you can contact cheerwing facebook
  18. B

    First Build - 450mm frame w/935Kv Motor

    Hi I've been researching for a while regarding my first quadcopter build and I was looking to get some advice from the forums. I'm planning a 450 frame with Emax MT2213 (935Kv) motors and 8" props. I was going to pick up the Anniversary Special Edition Racerstar REV35 35A for £20 from banggood...
  19. M

    Image processing with a quad

    Hi all, I am pretty new on this hobby and I have no any quad on my hand for now. I am collecting my pieces to make a quad. However, I cannot overcome some hardware issues. I want to process images. But I don't know which control cards should be used for this mission except Raspberry Pi. If...
  20. A

    Fixing up my machine x220?

    Hello all, Overall I'm a newb when it comes to building quadcopter. About half a year ago I bought the eachine wizard x220 and now I'm getting back into some quad flying. Back when I bought it i plugged in the battery without the antenna screwed in so I'm pretty sure the transmitter is broken...