so you want a quadcopter or multirotor

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by holtneil, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. GJH105775

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    7.6a? How many KV?
  2. GJH105775

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    Also your ESCs can't get too high of an amperage rating, but those would be pretty heavy for a motor than can only draw 8 amps. Is this a 250mm frame?
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  3. holtneil

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    Hi mate you can run the esc on them motors its nice to have overkill then you can mess with prop sizes and pitch and not have to up the ESC
  4. Proxxii

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    These are DYS 1806/2300kv motors. Yes, This is a 250 frame.
  5. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    Hi I run 30 amp esc on a motor that only pulled 19 amps the esc never got hot , but this let me up prop size to a 10x4.7 and then up the motors at a later date
  6. GJH105775

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    I'd suggest 5x4.7 or 4x4.7x3 props and smaller ESCs if it does not have enough thrust to make you happy. After these motors are finished I'd suggest Multistar Elite for quality, or Cobra for Quality and performance.
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    We manufacture our own ZUPPA autopilots which completely designed by us from scratch and all coding is done by us .

    Our unique core technology that goes into creating ZUPPA products makes it possible for “ Anybody to Fly Any type of Drone “ both fixed wing and multicopters . Website:
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    Hello all, I'm new to quadcopters and completely overwhelmed. I'm trying to buy one for my dad's birthday in a couple weeks. I'm sure this has been covered a million times but I'm having a tough time finding the right one.

    I would like to keep it under $700 and below are my priorities in order.

    Easy to fly ( dad isn't all that coordinated)
    Fpv capable
    Auto land and return home feature
    I'd like the ability to follow us while wake boarding
    Good range
    Available parts for repair

  10. Quadcopter102

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    Thanks for that info..... I thought I was just stupid!


    BangGood do offer free shipping.... but its actually built into the item price - one way or the other...BUT any issues they will refund to payPal or resend with little hassle. Justifiably - they will ask for photos or video of problems .
    I currently have had 68 orders with them and includes just 8 which were either busted in someway ( dead cc3d) or never arrived and I think they are down to AusPost. 2 they cancelled because one of the items in the order was out of stock - but a speedy refund to PayPal.
    I am not an affiliate or get anything from BangGood that I do not pay for..

    My entry to this forum 18 months or so ago..was due to bad experience with the sister of GearBest - EverBuying and a rubbish Syma X8W.

    HobbyKing are OK... but they charge high rates for DHP , UPS etc,. basic shipping recently cost me au$10.90 ( on top of a au$49 order) and took 14 days to arrive. Their HQ is in Hong Kong and they have stores in Aussie, UK and USA - it seems big items or things more than US$100 always seem to be only in "Global" which is Hong Kong and shipping is high.

    If you buy any RTF quad or ARF and need to get your own Transmitter/RX - look at what spare parts you can get old of - because one crash can result in a month of waiting for spares.
    The best option - for many - is to build your own" Go to the Free University of Quad building - better known as YouTube and and search anything close to quadcopter builds.

    Be advised - quad flying is NOT an hobby or simple pastime....its an ADICTION.... as you will find.... :)
  11. Hey guys I have an odd question. I have a sky viper 2400 hd (yes it is a piece of junk) and im wanting to break into 3d flying the website says it runs a proprietary version of cleanflight after opening the quad up I saw it has a molex connection does anyone know if I can wipe out the original software and load to newest version of cleanflight to enable 3d flying and pid control?? Thanks in advance
  12. subbmitt

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    Hi im buying my first racing quad and fpv . im looking at 2 quads and was wanting some imput on what the better option would be .
    Eachine Falcon 250 Pro VS Eachine Wizard x220
  13. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    Hi as far as I can see the falcon is bigger has better antennas for the FPV but you can fit better antennas to the 220
    I like the idea of it all in a case there is not a lot of difference between them motors are the same the 250 is fast the camera on the 250 is on a jello mount to stop vibrations
    If it was me I would go the falcon
  14. Cyn

    Cyn New Member

    I'm a mother in law wanting to buy my two sons in law drones for Christmas. On Amazon I found one for $75 with camera view screen on remote. Do you feel this would be good starters?
  15. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    You would need to post the link so we could see what quads they are.
  16. Islandhog

    Islandhog Active Member

    Holtneil, the cows to clouds vid is awesome. How much would a setup like that cost? Is the quad any different than a racer? Is there a certain type of transmitter needed to work that far? Sorry about all the noob questions, I'm just starting with quads. I would love to fly long distance when I get better at flying.
  17. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    Hi that's was a mate of mine in the USA it's all long-range ,Dragon link for the fpv long range transmitter, if you message him through you tube he can sort the parts for you or build it
    If I remember right he does a list of parts at the start of the video
  18. Islandhog

    Islandhog Active Member

    Thanks. I'll look into that.
  19. nick1999

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    Nice post!
  20. AGCO_3333

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    Hi Bud Great post, I have flown cheap low value drones before but really want to get into drone racing, if I can. I don't want to end up buying loads of drones after the other. But would buying a ready to play FPV drone that is a basic standard be too much? I am considering getting me and my boys 1 so we can learn and start but really wanted some advice on where to start. Ideally would like an FPV (maybe not the best place to start?) and a racing one, but will take advice really.


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