Replacement Lens for FPV Camera?

Discussion in 'FPV Systems' started by Gabriel, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Gabriel

    Gabriel Well-Known Member

    Hey guys. I was flying the other day and I was doing some flips/rolls and stuff and I suppose my fpv camera lens came loose, because it had fallen off of the camera board! I have this camera: . I looked around on the internet and I was looking at this lens: which seemed to fit except that it has two diffrent threads on it... I'm not sure if this is compatible with my camera... Also, with such a small threaded area, wouldn't it be difficult to achieve a good focus? I looked around a bit more and ordered this lens from Amazon: . This seemed to be what I was looking for. However, when I put it on my camera, it will not focus unless it is only screwed in one thread. I cannot hold it in place with the screw with only one thread threaded and it falls out... I'm wondering what I should do.. Anyone have experience with this camera or replacing lenses with it?

  2. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

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  3. Gabriel

    Gabriel Well-Known Member

    I ordered this lens after all. Should work. I looked at that one, and they seem to be pretty much the same, except that this has free 5 day US shipping and that one has 2-3 week US shipping :/

    Thanks though. I'll tell you if it works when it arrives!
  4. Gabriel

    Gabriel Well-Known Member

    Ok... So it arrived.. kind of. The lens that I received doesn't appear to be the lens in the picture on Securitycamera2000. I'm guessing that this is the wrong lens and that this is why it is not working. I'm confused though... Shouldn't that lens work with my camera? It's 2.1mm, whereas my original was 2.4mm, but that shouldn't affect anything right? Its specs match the ones of my original except that it's 2.1mm...... I'm not sure what I should do... Should I wait 2-3 weeks for the lens from RunCam and hope that it works?
  5. Gabriel

    Gabriel Well-Known Member

    Is there some specification on these lenses that I'm missing... So far I have 2 lenses that do not work and the cost to return them is more than what they actually cost :/
  6. Gabriel

    Gabriel Well-Known Member

    Ok... I think I may have identified the issue... The focal length on this lens is 2.1mm, but the lens is much farther away from the board that 2.1mm (It's about 12mm away).. I think that it may be a case of the wrong spacing between the lens ans the board, since the lens focuses when held just outside of the mount on the board... Is there some kind of spacer that I can buy to extend the distance between the board and the lens?

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