1. M

    Racing FPV drone to Long Range build

    Can you please help me with this one thing? I accidentally bought one month ago fpv drone, but I did not know that it wasn't long range fpv, but it was racing drone, which is totally different, and has only like 200 metres range of signal in normal conditions. What would you reccomend to me...
  2. v1b1n

    Is it possible to set up FPV with a 4 in 1 FC?

    I'm currently using the Turnigy Multistar 30A, and the wiring diagram shows that you connect the VTX and Camera to the 5 volt, yet no VTX even supports 5 volts, only 7-24V.
  3. flyboyfpv

    My Incredible FPV Experience at Santa Clarita

    This a short video but enough to tell my experience at Rowher Flats. First of all the group was great! Everyone was supportive and made the experience for me, as a Rookie even better. For this video, I added a hidden “Gem”. It sprouted on accident, but it worked out. Thanks to Dirty Jeeps and...
  4. flyboyfpv

    New Long Range Li-ion Battery from FPV Cycle

    For those doing long range I did this review comparison of a really good Li-ion battery from fpvcyle.com Check it out:
  5. flyboyfpv

    Soldering Tips for Beginners

    A few soldering tips I put together. Nothing too technical.
  6. flyboyfpv

    Cleghorn Jeep Trail FPV

    Here's another video I made with a friend of mine. It was at Cleghorn. This was actually my first time there since I'm still a Newbie. I definitely learned a ton. It was great. Looking forward to going again!!
  7. flyboyfpv

    Interview with Pilot in Nigeria

    In this interview, I got to talk to Adebayo Kehinde. He lives in Nigeria and has amazing skills when it comes to drones and fixed wing planes. Even while living in Nigeria where sources are limited, you will get to see first hand how he gets things done. The chance to talk to him was part of...
  8. flyboyfpv

    Quadcopter Drone Buying Guide for Beginners

    I just put together a buying guide for those interested in getting into drones without spending too much.
  9. P

    FLYSKY reciever

    So i broke my reciever and i bought a replacement one and i think its the wrong one, i bought a FLYSKY fs ia6 and i have a Naze 32 flight controller. Please help i dont know much about this.
  10. flyboyfpv

    Bedford Canyon - Jeep Trail

    I did this trail a few weeks ago. As you know I'm a newbie off roader but I like the fact that i can find better places to fly than just anything down the street from me. The good thing is, it's fun getting there and it's always fun to fly FPV. Let me know what you think.
  11. flyboyfpv

    Magnetic USB Cable - Great for Tuning

    I just did a quick short on the magnetic usb cable. This has been such a life saver for me especially since I tune out in the field. Having bluetooth is the best but if you don't this is a good alternative.
  12. flyboyfpv

    Mormon Rocks - 4K

    This is a great place to fly. We usually fly there and just do regular FPV. This time we did more cinematic footage. Plus we did it in 4K. Once thing is for sure, it takes a lot longer to do it in 4k. Let me know what you think.
  13. rafareusch

    Can't get SmartAudio to work

    Hey, I'm having trouble setting the SmartAudio up FC is a Succex E F4 v2.1 VTX is a AKK Infinite DVR I connected SmartAudio port labeled TBS in vtx to T1, configured uart1 at ports tab as TBS SmartAudio. Yes, I connected a lipo, imported vtx tables from akk (for some reason I can't set up the...
  14. M

    Beach drone freestyle Porec Croatia

    1550 mah 4s racerstar 2306 f4 mamba 5050 dalprop
  15. K

    help needed with fpv drone

    i have fpv drone that has 3rd and 4th motor only working on 3rd motor the wiring is correct, the motor is not in error
  16. lordrodders

    Best RTR FPV for beginner ?

    Hi all, I’ve owned a few quads over the years, from the dji tellos, parrots, dji sparks and mavic so pretty familiar with flying them, just wanting to go into the world of FPV flying through goggles. I am looking to find the best rtr FPV drone and which goggles will work best all on a budget of...
  17. L

    Drone went for a swim, NEED help is my ESC or motors broken?

    Hi very new to fpv so need a little help Basically, let a mate fly my drone (rookie mistake) he lost control, I lost sight of it and he crashed it straight into a puddle and was in there, fully submerged, for about 10 mins before we found it. I’ve seen forums online saying it should be fine if...
  18. O


    Hi guys, I have quite a unique situation, I have a humongous drone drone and I do not care about weight or size, I only care about latency and video quality, what FPV camera is best for me? also, it would be great if you could give me two answers: one answer under $100 (approximately) and a...
  19. Y

    Can you fly with more than 25mw of output power LEGALLY in Europe?

    Hello, this is a question I asked myself for a long time because I heard from others that you can't fly on more than 25mw of video output power outside of the US, is that true? I'm new to the hobby, so the question might seem dumb, but still, answer please even if you find it obvious, because I...
  20. M

    getting into fpv

    Hi, I'm getting into fpv and I have some questions, I only flew 100% self-built unstable monstrous drones so I'm not worried about flying fpv difficulty, also I'm not interested in freestyle racing but instead in cinematic cruising. I like the Flywoo Explorer LR 4", but because budget is a...