1. D

    minimOSD impossible to update charset.

    After a mouth on the shelve my OSD stopped working. I took out the micro minimOSD, updated the firmware and everything works... But the charset is messed up. So I used MWOSD configurator V1.9.1.1 and connected the board, selected the standard font and clicked Upload, waited until it finished and...
  2. BillM-RC

    SJRC F11 PRO Review -2.7K Camera, GPS, 5G WIFI FPV, Long flying time Quadcopter Drone

    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts SJRC F11 PRO Review. This SJRC F11 PRO, 2.7K Adjustable Wide Angle Camera, GPS, 5G WIFI FPV, Long flying time Foldable RC Quadcopter Drone review includes, showing the bag that it comes in, a brief comparison to the original SJRC F11, ZLRC SG906 Beast, MJX...
  3. Ruby

    Ovonic Memorial Day Sale: Buy 3 Get 1 Free for FPV Batteries

    Therefore, for the important Memorial Day, Ampow gives the best Memorial day sales 2019 and provides an Extreme Deal for RC hobby batteries. Good news for us Hobbyists! This activity will last 10 days from 27th May to 5th June. If you buy 3 packs of FPV batteries, you will get a free one.FPV...

    CycloneFPV racing drone winter

    This is a Diablo 220 from http://CycloneFPV.com
  5. R

    KINGKONG LDARC 200gt 200 MM FPV Racing Drone/ FRSKY XM+ Reciever

    1- 200Gt Drone 1- Frsky XM+ Reciever 1- Set of motor guards. 5- Sets of Props 2- Batteries Drone Flies Great, Son more into cars now!!? item listed on ebay: item #292900973456
  6. wafflejock

    Dec 2018

    ^^ Think I missed clipping some things out, so it's sorta long but these are archive/sharing with whoever is interested anyway so I guess not a big deal. Second half is probably more entertaining than the first half but flying around in the snow was fun (forgot about the cold as soon as I was...
  7. Chris Bishop

    New FPV drone Purchase

    So I know that these types of posts get put up quite a bit but I looked around and did not see any addressing the models I am potentially looking at... So I am pretty new to drones and recently received a Hubsan x4 as a gift. I had also bought a cheap (and honestly can't even remember the...
  8. J

    new to fpv drone flying need help?????

    Hi im new to the drone world and looking to get the e max hawk 5 or the eachine wizard x220. Im wondering if the Taranis X-lite is compatible and what would i need to get everything going my build list is as fallows: 1. eachine wizard x220 fpv drone 2. eachine ev100 fpv goggles 3. taranis...
  9. IsaacS

    Lizard105s Gray Screen on FPV Feed

    Hey all, I just got an Eachine Lizard 105s and it flew well until I did a punch out, and I got a gray screen with the OSD still on it. I've tried swapping chabnels and all that, and I have no idea what to do now, and I'd rather not get a new camera (since shipping takes forever from Banggood)...
  10. Skybird

    I'm back after a long hiatus and I need help figuring something out

    So after all those posts I made back in the day when I was a quadcopter virgin newbie, I have now been through A Syma X8G that Tenergy gave to me to do a review for if anyone wants to see it I'll send you think link on my Youtube i'ts pretty funny. , 2 Hubsans X4s one with FPV and goggles, not...
  11. F

    where is the FPV Transtec's onnline store? I need frame parts

    Hi I am a transtec user,I am currently using frog lite frame,I have 2 frog lite frames already but the upper plate is damaged and I cannot mount it on frame, It was very very difficult to find their store I went to Banggood from where I purchased the wonderful frame but they refused to give any...
  12. AlexGold

    Some flights from our trip to Montenegro

    What a beautifull, amazing country! There are so many incredible places to visit and to fly fpv too! Highly recommend it to everyone, who want to explore new places! Please watch and like!
  13. IsaacS

    Need help with PDB and where to solder!!!

    Hey all, I have a Matek Systems PDB (Found Here), and I also own an Eachine FPV camera (Found Here) and an Eachine VTX (Found Here). The PDB has a 5V, 12V, and two Ground pads. What do I connect and where? Thanks in advance.
  14. H

    Need help wiring up my fpv setup

    Hi all, Current build progress is going okay... i am just about to wire up the fpv system. but i think the parts are incompatible!!!! Parts: Mini osd - https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/ardupilot-mega-minim-osd-v1-2/ Tramp HV -...
  15. G

    MJX BUGS 6 problem

    Okay so the fpv screen is cutting out like crazy if I fly like 2 feet away from myself. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks :D
  16. H

    camera with gimble help please?

    Hi all, I finished my main parts list but now i am looking at fpv cameras, receivers and monitors. As well as gimbles. Anyone have any ideas for a camera that can stream onto a monitor i have with me or buy and records the footage too? As well as a gimble for stable video? Budget is £100 tops
  17. BillM-RC

    NEW Syma X25W review - Wifi FPV Adjustable 720P HD Camera Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter Dro

    Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts NEW Syma X25W review (Part II). This Syma X25W Wifi FPV Adjustable 720P HD Camera Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter Drone review includes Flight & Features tests.
  18. War Chest

    < S U N S E T - F R E E S T Y L E >

  19. IsaacS

    Need help with FPV system!!!

    Hi, my drone's VTX is a TS832, and I also have an RC832 Reciever. I have Quanum v2 DIY goggles, and everything is wired correctly (camera and VTX are directly soldered to PDB). When I turn everything on, the goggles just display static and say "NO SIGNAL." I've been through all 40...
  20. Erpoyo

    FPV Wiring for Beginners

    Hi! Just created a small video for beginners on how to connect a FPV system with and without OSD. Please let me know your thoughts! Hope this is useful! :)