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Discussion in 'First Build' started by IsaacS, May 12, 2018.

  1. IsaacS

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    Hi, my drone's VTX is a TS832, and I also have an RC832 Reciever. I have Quanum v2 DIY goggles, and everything is wired correctly (camera and VTX are directly soldered to PDB). When I turn everything on, the goggles just display static and say "NO SIGNAL." I've been through all 40 channels/frequencies on both the vtx and rx, but there is no video. However, everytime I do something like change the VTX's channel, the static in the goggles changes. Does this mean I'm getting something right? I'm a noob at this stuff, please help!
  2. DrAbsurd

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    does not sound like your vtx is transmitting. if its the camera side broken it will show OSD on a black/gray screen. If its the flight controller then you will have black/gray screen but no OSD. If you get nothing but static your vtx is not powering on or is in the wrong frequency range from your googles.
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  3. IsaacS

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    Ok, thanks!
  4. mozquito1

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    I used to run the ts5823 which was 7v-24v
    The one you have is upto 16v.
    Did you exceed this.
    Also its default maybe race band and the rx may not have it.
    Did you power it up without an antenna.
    If none of the above then check your wiring again. A picture tells a thousand words & a video shows a thousand pictures. Which makes thing alot easier.
    You only need 3 wires on the vtx, power & ground, the signal wire from V/out on the fcb. The 3 wires from the cam goto V/in on fcb. Don't get V out mixed up with V voltage out.
    Follow this diagram, the vtx supplies power, but if your powering the cam from the pdb or fcb you may need to swap a ground. I had a similar problem when I first started but it's vague now.
  5. IsaacS

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  6. IsaacS

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    MORE UPDATES: For my racing quad's FPV system, I have an Eachine VTX03 ( hooked up to a Matek Systems PDB on 5 volts. I also have an Eachine C800T camera ( on the 12 volts pad on the PDB. Additionally, I use a Quanum V2 Pro headset with an RC832 receiver ( When I power everything up and set the two systems to the same channel and frequency, the screen only displays static with the words "NO SIGNAL," but occasionally an "AV2" symbol pops up, the screen goes black, and leaves me clueless. What am I doing wrong??? Please help, I'm a noob at this stuff. EVERYTHING ELSE SUGGESTED DIDN'T DO ANYTHING.
  7. BL Swagger

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    I had some issues with the same VTX. My problem was that I wasn't setting the channels correctly. The directions can be complicated. I don't know what you are doing to change the channels so here are the VTX directions for the Eachine VTX03 so we can all refer to instead of searching the web. (Important parts bold) Directions can be found in the items description Here

    -Powering on the VTX, blue LED display 0, indicating the VTX is powered on , but it is in off status without any transmission.
    -Short-press the button to change channel(CH), digital display will change synchronously. Digital display changes cyclically from 1 to 8.
    -Long-press the button for 2 seconds until digital display flicker. Then short-press the button to change the frequency band(FR), digital display will change synchronously. Digital display changes cyclically from A, B, E, F, R, U, O, L, H.

    -Long-press the button for 5 second until digital display flicker. Then short-press the button to change the power, 25mW/50mW/200mW(one hyphen stands for 25mW, two hyphens stand for 50mW, and three hyphens stand for 200mW).
    -5 seconds after setting, CH, FR and power will flicker alternately

    My question is, Are you sure it is powering on? Blue LED on the VTX should light up. As well as the digital display. You will need the battery plugged in.

    Then you, can change the channel btwn 1-8 with a short press of the little button that is on the VTX. I would stay with 1 for now.

    Similarly, you can long press the button to change the frequency band A, B, E, F... etc. which increases the possibility of channel combinations.

    The long 5 sec press changes the power of the VTX. 200 mW will get better range than 25mW.

    I am probably repeating info you already know, but trying to get a feel of your understanding so far.
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  8. BL Swagger

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    I had better luck connecting the signal wires from the camera directly to the VTX, at least with the Eachine VTX03. So I would connect Camera to 12V and Gnd on PDB. Connect the VTX to 5v and Gnd on PDB. Then connect the signal wire from the Camera to the signal wire to the VTX.

    I will double check my wiring on my quad and get back to ya. I am running an eachine camera with that VTX on one of my quads and I know for sure that it works.
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  9. IsaacS

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    I double checked the wiring, and it is all as suggested here, but the goggles still show up as "NO SIGNAL" after I switch channels on the vtx. The FPV system still isn't working. Is it a problem with the video receiver then?
  10. Gyro Doctor

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    Could be either the VTX or the VRX, hard to say without having another of either one.
    If you know some one else with a quad you could have them tune into your VTX to prove it's
    working or not and also you could tune into theirs to prove your RX is good.
    Odds are one or the other is shot, you just need to know which one. An RX won't self destruct
    without an antenna though, but a TX WILL FRY IT'S SELF ... just a thought.
  11. IsaacS

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    Ok, I'll try using a friend's goggles to see if it is the VTX that's defective.

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