1. N

    Help! My Quad doesn't takeoff

    My quad has flown twice till now but once I unplug power and re-power the quad it just acts up. I saw in the Blackbox that it just spools up Motor 1 and 4 (by the way I am only increasing throttle here and not giving any extra inputs) whereas Motor 2 and 3 just slow down or don't keep up with...
  2. U

    Motors vibrating/wobbling, balancing issue ?

    I built my first drone, 450 size it does fly, but I've noticed the arms are going wobbly sometimes, and I am afraid that it can snap the arm (3D printed). Arms are not very very solid, you can slightly twist them with a hand, but I don't believe that's the build/print issue. I was thinking it...
  3. T

    Quadcopter crash

    Hello, I recently build a 210 quad. First 2 flights was really good, but when i was flying it 3rd time it just falls from the sky. It was really strong snowfall so maybe it is the cause of this? My Betaflight log here
  4. herror6

    Multiwii Arduino Uno R3 Quadcopter Accel not working

    Hello all, I've assembled a quadcopter using Arduino Uno R3 , Gy-521 with Multiwii. I've used this schematic Everything worked great with the solderless cables from Arduino, so I started soldering. Everything soldered and the Gy-521 doesn't seem to work properly when I use the MultiwiiConf...
  5. A

    Help! Racestar Brushless BR2205 Motor issues

    I'm having issues with my quadcopter's motors. I'm using Racestar BR 2205 brushless motors, but when I mount them to the frame and test the motors in Cleanflight, they spin slowly and make a rubbing/grinding like noise (I'll attach a video). But when I unscrew the motor from the frame and test...

    Hello from Boston, MA!

    Very excited to join this drone Community. First drone was a phantom 1. Graduated to a phantom 4 a couple years ago but have now moved more into FPV and actually building quads. l’m not really not sure why I haven’t joined a forum like this sooner. On top of being a drone nerd, I am a car...
  7. B

    Smooth operator $300 negotiable need to sell asap!

    Catalyst Machine Works smooth Operator 5 inch, Brother Hobby Returner R6 2207 2400kv motors, Josh bardwell runcam micro eagle, emax magnum mini f4 stack. Tbs unify pro race v2, axii stubby, tbs crossfire nano Diversity receiver, crossfire immortal T antenna, 4x Tattu 4s 1550 mah 100c lipos, TBS...
  8. F

    Did i fry my ESCs?

    so i accidentally plugged in the battery to my emax Tinyhawk while the motors were unplugged, and now it does no beeps or boops or led flashing, it connects to betaflight but the motors wont spin when i increase the throttle in the motor tab, did i just screw up my drone? :(
  9. J

    First Build Advice

    Hi All I'm after some advice, A, as to if I have all the parts I need and B, validation that what I have listed can all work together! This will be my first build so I'm not expecting it to be amazing by any stretch! Frame and landing gear Rcmodelpart-Quadcopter-Fuselage-Version-Landing...
  10. IsaacS

    Need help with FPV system!!!

    Hi, my drone's VTX is a TS832, and I also have an RC832 Reciever. I have Quanum v2 DIY goggles, and everything is wired correctly (camera and VTX are directly soldered to PDB). When I turn everything on, the goggles just display static and say "NO SIGNAL." I've been through all 40...
  11. M

    Eachine Flyingfrog q90, Devo 7e Connection Problem, Need help

    I´ve recently bought the Eachine Flyingfrog q90, with the DSM2 receiver, and because I already have got the Devo 7e transmitter, flashed with the Deviation FW: devo7e - v5.0.0, I wanted to use it to fly the quad. But the Problem is: When I try to bind it with DSMX the LED on the receiver board...
  12. R

    Need help with these specifications

    Hey everyone, I've got a dilemma. I'm in a quad-copter competition and the specifications look very odd. b. Rotors i.Maximum length (tip to tip) = 6 in. ii.Metallic materials are not permitted. iii.Rotors must not be sharpened to a point. c. Motors i. Maximum angular speed at rated voltage (no...
  13. W

    New Hypetrain motors major problem!

    Hi, I bought some Hypetrain motors that are doing something very strange. When you give the quad throttle and take off.....the quad just spins out of control as if you had full yaw counter clockwise. I made a video if you want to see what it does. . Go to :47sec if you just want to see...
  14. IsaacS

    Quad Won't connect to Goggles!!!

    Hi, my drone's VTX is a TS832, and I also have an RC832 Reciever. I have Quanum v2 DIY goggles, and everything is wired correctly (camera and VTX are directly soldered to PDB). When I turn everything on, the goggles just display static and say "NO SIGNAL." I've been through all 40...
  15. J

    ive built my quad but now its too sensitive and has a minuscule sweetspot

    hi everyone i am new to the hobby and i managed to build a full quadcopter by following the very well known $99 dollar quad from uavfutures. ive been try to fix this one issue of my quad being very sensitive even at 10%-15% throttle or less straight after takeoff. this problem i believe is to...
  16. Yog Dharaskar

    Broke a motor shaft.

    Hi, I was flying a ZMR250 quad yesterday. I gave it a plenty of height, like ~200ft or so then a bird came out of nowhere and crashed into the quad. The bird (a sparrow) was cut into pieces(still feeling bad about it). And I was sure that my quad will soon be in pieces too but it wasn't in...
  17. S

    Idiots Fly Drone Over Bridge

    What can be done? I'm stunned how many people in the comments believe this is ok... People like this need to be held accountable before someone gets seriously hurt. That drone could have easily have fallen into those cars... then what?
  18. Onore

    New Build- Issue with the Flysky Transmitter - No response

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum. I am trying to build my first quad. I connected every component to each other, flashed the Omnibus F3 flight controller through the Cleanflight. Binded the The Flysky FS-I6 to the FS-I6B receiver. The transmitter reads the telemetry data (voltage). When...
  19. Michael Gauthier

    Suggestions on FPV kit

    I'm currently flying a DIY 450 size quad with a Pixhawk P4 controller. Beginning to get the hang of it. I bought a $99 FPV kit to try that out, but it is absolute total junk. It's not even good enough to get a sense of what FPV is like. The picture is washed out for about a 3rd of the view...
  20. RedSun

    Build Frog Race Frog Lite 218mm Quad

    Frog Race Frog Lite is a beautiful frame with Carbon Fiber 4mm Arm, it’s an easy build and weighs in at only 286g. I really liked this frame, and I decided to build a Frog Race Frog Lite 218mm quad.This build supports Dshot600 and offers OSD for voltage monitoring and a built-in blackbox for...