1. lordrodders

    Best RTR FPV for beginner ?

    Hi all, I’ve owned a few quads over the years, from the dji tellos, parrots, dji sparks and mavic so pretty familiar with flying them, just wanting to go into the world of FPV flying through goggles. I am looking to find the best rtr FPV drone and which goggles will work best all on a budget of...

    CycloneFPV racing drone winter

    This is a Diablo 220 from
  3. wafflejock

    DIY Micro Quadcopter Gates

    Made some gates out of strips of wood and EL wire (3d printed little clips to hold them up but some tape and wood or cardboard would do the job too).
  4. IsaacS

    Need help with FPV system!!!

    Hi, my drone's VTX is a TS832, and I also have an RC832 Reciever. I have Quanum v2 DIY goggles, and everything is wired correctly (camera and VTX are directly soldered to PDB). When I turn everything on, the goggles just display static and say "NO SIGNAL." I've been through all 40...
  5. raymon kroeze

    Cinematic forest freestyle

    Cinematic forest freestyle - I love flying in the woods. This is such a peaceful place to be. Last week I went back to this forest and I almost forgot how beautiful this place really is. So I will be spending more time here once again.
  6. RedSun

    Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017-Drone Racing Competition Final Round Get Video

    Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017-Drone Racing Competition has finished on 1st, July. The Competition Result: 1st: Banni UK; 2nd: JusticeFpv; 3rd: LiKunHuang; Congrats to Luke Bannister Gary Kent and LiKunHuang. All the winners are using Tattu FPV battery...
  7. raymon kroeze

    Sunset flow FPV freestyle

  8. raymon kroeze

    FPV freestyle pilot goes racing

  9. J

    New Mini-Doc about FPV Drone Racing

    A few years ago I spoke to a lad at the first ever UK Drone Show who was interested about doing a project on FPV Drone Racing for a course and would I be interested in being involved which I was more than happy to help :) Since then we met a few times and I got to show Duarte Dias how fun FPV...
  10. J

    DroneX Racing Organization

    Starting a Drone Racing Organization called DroneX fairly new. Looking to kick off the racing seasons in August till November. Need some talented individuals to come be apart of my racing group. All races will offer a prize in cash, the amount is TBD. Have a Handbook for racing created but it...
  11. raymon kroeze

    Rippin' the local spot FPV freestyle

  12. JacobCoy9

    Motors cutting at mid throttle; CC3D beeps (indy 250 plus)

    Hello all, I've recently replaced a NE motor to fix a downed quad. After calibrating the drone, I got some weird behavior from two other motors (NW and SW; See the video below). Symptoms: Basically, the motors arm alright (they seem to have some stick at the beginning), but they cut out at...
  13. raymon kroeze

    Winter flow FPV freestyle

  14. raymon kroeze

    Last flight with my custom made 210quad

    After this flight my quad was completely destroyed after a failsave...
  15. J

    UK Drone Show 2016 Track Footage

    Hi All, What an amazing time had at this years UK Drone Show 2016: The racing was intense, the track was tight and fast and the competitors where in top form, thats the perfect recipe for some awesome action and a adrenaline fueled weekend. The organisers at the UK...
  16. raymon kroeze

    TT circuit Assen FPV freestyle

  17. raymon kroeze

    Beautiful forest FPV freestyle

  18. raymon kroeze

    Exploring nature FPV freestyle

  19. raymon kroeze

    3 gates FPV freestyle

    on a cold and windy autumn afternoon...
  20. raymon kroeze

    Tree dancing FPV freestyle

    Yesterday I had some fun with the trees :P