1. F


    Hi, As soon as the rotors of my SJRC 4K PRO start, the Wifi connection stops immediately. Any ideas on how to solve this problem ? Both BANGGOOD and the manufacturer refuse to provide any technical support. Thank you ans regards Eric
  2. A

    Motor is not spinning

    I’m using Pixhawk cube, matek, and navio2 power module with sunnysky bldc motor, new xxd 30a esc. I use r12ds and at10 ii as RC system. 4s 1800mah lipo battery. I did everything as shown as manual. When I plug in my battery to the system. 2 led of matek is blinking red and motor beeping...
  3. V

    HELP! My Eachine EV100 Goggles show a very red image! ( I have a Picture)

    I bought my first fpv setup / build. I bought the Eachine Wizard X220S RTF kit with radio and the Eachine EV100 goggles. (And antennas and The Runcam 5) The goggles though after connecting show a red image. Maybe it's the software but i don't know how to update it. I have got a Data USB cable...
  4. E

    Problems with my first diy quad

    Hello. It's my first time posting onto a forum a problem so I'm sorry if I don't express myself clearly enough. I've built my own quad with these parts: *FC -> RaceStar StarF3S 30 A: *Frame -> HSKRC TWE210mm frame: *Mottors -> DYS Samuk Series Shu 2306 2250Kv...
  5. G

    MJX BUGS 6 problem

    Okay so the fpv screen is cutting out like crazy if I fly like 2 feet away from myself. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks :D
  6. J

    MIX Bugs 2 camera issues

    Hey, fairly new quad owner here. Purchased an MJX Bugs 2 a few months back, and I could not be happier with most of the features I bought it for, such as the GPS hold and telemetry display. However the camera, which only records to an onboard micro usb, stopped recording halfway through it's...
  7. H

    Problem With tiny qx90 build

    Hello members of the Forum, Recently i have built myself a tiny quadcopter Like the qx 90 from eachine My components: - spracing f3 EVO brushed FC - Micro ppm Receiver for flysky i6x - 2 in one fpv Cam ( with vtx) -8,5 mm brushed Motors I am using some turnigy nano Tech 1s 300 mAh 45c...
  8. E

    Help! Drone not working

    Hi. I am a beginner building my first racing drone. My drone has a naze 32 board and a fly sky 1a6b receiver. I have tried both cleanflight and baseflight but on both of them the receiver and the motors are not being recognized. Could you please give some advice to fix the problem.
  9. Base leader

    My x8c doesn't work

    I upload a video about it that show the problem
  10. D


    I can't get the quadcopter to respond to the remote. But I can get the motors to work in betaflight using micro usb. Also no input from remote when in betaflight but gyro works.
  11. D


    I can't get the quadcopter to respond to the remote. But I can get the motors to work in betaflight using micro usb. Also no input from remote when in betaflight but gyro works.
  12. M

    My drone/sdcard doesn't record files properly

    Hello, here is a newbie with drone related stuff, and recently I got some problems which I can't solve. Well, first my drone doesn't tell me which model it is, so I suppose it's a syma x5c, due to its design, camera, and hard to understand manual. Here is a video I made showing the camera...
  13. dborden

    Done Leveling/Centering Changing Over Time

    So I just recently got a C250 V2 Racing Drone and decided to get it set up with clean flight. I did everything the manufacture recommended for setup, however, I still have a major problem. The drone seems to lose its self-level over time. I'm not in manual or horizon mode because I have those...
  14. Aquinas Hyacinth Toledo

    Syma X8G won't pair with transmitter. Help!

    I just bought a Syma X8G. Having trouble binding the quad to the transmitter. When I turn on the quad, it just keeps flashing fast LED flashes and won't go to the slower LeD flashes for me to start binding. Don't know what to do. I need it to be fixed now since I have to use it in about 4 hours :(
  15. R

    Unequal Roll

    Hi all. New to quads and flying them but have a little RC experience. Just bought a Storm SRD250 v3 Got a slight issue that I can't resolve with some searching. Hopefully it's not too uncommon and some kind soul will help me out. Flowen a dozen or so times. When in horizon mode it rolls...
  16. A

    Drone motor not spinning and cuts out after one second

    Hey everyone, I have a Swann Fly Eye Quadcopter that's started having an issue after a crash. The front-left rotor is not spinning at all while the other rotors spin for one second then cut out with the LED lights flashing. If I return the throttle stick to off and then reapply the throttle it...
  17. A

    Can someone please help me out?

    So I recently built a quad and since I first started up the motors I noticed the back left motor stops almost instantly when I kill the throttle. To the touch it seems as though the magnets are a tiny bit stronger but it still allows me to spin it freely. I want to know if there is a simple fix...
  18. D

    First quadbuild, motors acting strange (videoclip)

    Hi, I´m starting to get finished with my first quad but I do have some problems with my motors to spin the way I want them to. When I push the Arm-button and have throttle at 0 the motors starts to spin even though I have flicked on "MOTOR_STOP" in cleanflight. When I then increase the throttle...
  19. S

    F330 Quadcopter Help

    I have assembled a F330 quadcopter. But when I start flying it, I get a weird problem. When I give it a little throttle and keep it there, the propeller speeds doesn't stay the same. The increase, every propeller in different rates and then suddenly go crazy. I have tried 2 flight controllers...
  20. L

    Carbon Frame Interfering with Electronics?? HELP

    Hi guys, I need some help. I have built my 2nd quad, its a Diatone 200. The quad is fully built and care has been taken to ensure the soldering in clean and everything very well insulated. I have used spaces and electrical tape to insulate the board from the frame and heat shrink for the...