1. D

    Help with MJX X101 - No Remote?

    Hello! I'm totally new to the RC/Quadcopter/Drone community, and I'm not terribly sure where to start or how. I got my hands on a MJX X101 drone that had been lost sometime last year. Nobody claimed it, so it was given to me basically for free. It came with no remote or charger. I managed to...
  2. J

    MIX Bugs 2 camera issues

    Hey, fairly new quad owner here. Purchased an MJX Bugs 2 a few months back, and I could not be happier with most of the features I bought it for, such as the GPS hold and telemetry display. However the camera, which only records to an onboard micro usb, stopped recording halfway through it's...
  3. A

    Please help me

    Hi guys I think I have been really really unlucky, My first quad was the arcade orbit great beginner then I bought an aosenma basic model think its a copy 30 meters away lost signal smashed into pieces, I replaced body shell did exactly same thing but didn't smash. Got a bugs 3 second flight...
  4. G

    Mjx Bug 2 WiFi. Red. Mint condition

    [UK Resident] I am selling my MJX Bugs 2 WiFi device. Red. About 1 month old. Mint condition, with an extra battery. Ping me if interested.
  5. G

    Bugs 2W Battery Life

    I currently own an MJX Bugs 2W. Totally love it, hate the sub-par battery life. The manufacturer states its should last around 20min, but I only get around 7 :( Fully appreciate that weather/wind conditions play a factor, but really did expect a bit longer. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. G

    Xiro Xplorer V

    Folks, What are people's view on the Xiro Xplorer V? Some nearly new ones have appeared on eBay. Rather tempted to get one, as they have a great camera. Worthy (personal) successor to an MJX Bugs 2W?
  7. Red

    Anybody have a Bugs 2W and a Hubsan 501s ???

    Really surprised there's not more comparo info on these two but if anybody's got both (or an opinion on why they chose 1 over the other) I'd love to hear why. I like both but leaning toward the Bugs 2W. The 501s sticks you with one screen. Still nice, but I almost like the option to use my...
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    MJX X600/X400 Transmitter Modification, Remote Distance Reached 260 Meters

    Remote control distance of MJX X400 is too limited, it is not enjoyable, so hands-on retrofitted the remote control and the receiver's antenna, through field tests, can reach 260 meters. The original intention is to try to do more with less, this modification will cost a few dollars, but...