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    Hi, im looking to start flying FPV and need some help from you lovely enthusiasts to get going...
    I currently fly a Blade nano qx and love it, want to start getting into FPV side of things and need help on what to buy to get started!

    Ive been researching the walkera runner 250, Im a confident flyer with the nano, I know its a different kettle of fish but I have a lot of land near me and am a quick learner! It looks like it has a great camera and also can fly in different mode, much like the nano qx...

    Im definitely more interested in the racing drones, but not sure about what radio transmitter and receiver to buy, also would love to eventually get some goggles but any advice on getting started would be hugely appreciated... Im on a budget, so any suggestions on a good radio transmitter/receiver that doesn't burn a hole too much in my pocket..

    The main thing that confuses me is the rc transmitter... will I be able to bind my qx and heli to it? it look ridiculously hard to get my head around binding them to one transmitter so am I over thinking? Also how would the goggles be able to hook up to the quad and transmitter? ive also seen someone using an ipad or iphone as a screen, how hard is this to set up and get going?

    Most of the stuff I read I have no idea what your all talking about so please speak to me as if your writing the book on 'FPV Quads for dummies' ;)

    Thanks for reading my noob post, hopefully someone can shed some light on this darkness!!!
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    Hi mate if you want to bind to the QX your need a spektrum transmitter , some quads use FCB that will bind to the spektrum as well if not your need to fit a receiver , The walkera is over priced for what it is , a 250 is fast and will snap props in most crashes so your need lots of spares
    I did a thread on FPV for beginners
    This will help
  3. Jackson

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    Flimsy thin frame too, lotsa cracking problems.
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    Hi Tylor you need to look at a frame you can get parts for , if you snap an arm will you have to by a complete frame just for the arm , if you look at the multirotor frame spare parts on the hobby king page and find a 250 size frame that has parts back up
  6. tylorwashere

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    I don't mean to derail this thread (anymore than it has already become anyway), but could you give me a tip on which one to go for? The only ones I really see that have replacement parts that aren't part of a whole kit, are either the full plastic hobbyking ones, or ones that aren't the style im looking for
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    Can you tell me about how fast a 250 is compared to this?

    It's what I've been learning on, skip to about 8 minutes and you'll see the guy flying it. If it's way faster then I might consider the bigger frame
  9. holtneil

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    Hi mate its will like racing a lambo against trex 700
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