1. D

    Doubts about upgrades and application from a beginner hobbyist

    Hello, I have a very basic drone bought in China, I took the simplest possible to learn. I have some doubts about the app, I think that maybe there is a better one than the one recommended to me by the shopkeeper (H FUN FLY). Another doubt is whether it would be possible to upgrade the camera...
  2. M

    Drone for newbie

    Hello everyone, I am absolutely new in this world. I'm thinking of buying my first drone with which I can learn and record videos. I really want to get into the world for this purpose. I want to start with a rather low budget (below $100) and if possible I could use it indoors and outdoors. What...
  3. flyboyfpv

    Quadcopter Drone Buying Guide for Beginners

    I just put together a buying guide for those interested in getting into drones without spending too much.
  4. NatureDigital

    Beginner FPV Article

    Just wrote a quick FPV article for beginners if anyone is interested! Hopefully, this helps one of you!
  5. E

    Need durable RTF OUTDOOR drone for windy area--beginner 14-year-old

    We are ready to leave the house and fly outside, but we live on a hill that's often windy. Any recommendations on Ready to Fly drones that are durable, can handle wind, and doesn't cost a fortune for a beginner 14-year-old? Thanks so much!
  6. X

    how to find the minimum battery capacity C required for the drone to reach the landing point?

    I calculated the height object height, Distance to the base of the object, Drone weight, maximum and minimum battery voltage, resistance force and power (P). The drone is flying in steady state, without acceleration and flying on a straight trajectory. I started looking for formulas on the...
  7. A

    Help needed for selection of basic flight controller for beginner intended for photography

    Hello all please guide in selecting basic no frills beginner friendly microntroller intended for mini/nano quad for photography..once again thx
  8. H

    Drones for Groomsman Gifts

    Hey everyone, I am new to drones and have been trying to do as much research as possible on drones. Unfortunately, information is all over the place and in my experience, the best place to go is the knowledge and experience of others. I am looking to buy some drones for my groomsman as their...
  9. A

    Best IMUs and ESCs for beginner?

    Hi all, first time poster here. I am beginning mechatronics studies, but have never built a quadcopter before, so I am new to all of this. I am attempting to make a quadcopter from scratch, using an Arduino Uno as the brain. I am wondering what the "best" IMU and motor controllers would be for...
  10. B

    Flying with live video

    Hello Everyone! I am new to quadcopter's and know there is MUCH to learn about them. I have been flying my MJX x400 for about a month now and slowly getting better each day, but have not mastered it yet. My questions is with flying the drone by only looking at the live video stream. How? lol...
  11. A

    Advice on how to connect a Flight Ccontroller for a beginner

    Hey everyone!!! I bought a packaged bnf quadcopter set from my local hobby store and I have lost motivation setting it up. I have done the frame assembly but the electronics are quite intimidating. It came with an unknown flight controller that I have never heard of (hobby people super m/r...
  12. Raincast

    Holiday Cheers - 2min. 4K Christmas Eve celebration

    Just sharing a very short video of our Christmas eve celebration. Merry Christmas to all! Some indoor shots were captured with theMavic. The GoPro 6 was my go-to for the 4K60 slow-mo shots. I submitted this video to the "Share your country’s Christmas spirit with your DJI device" contest. A...
  13. Raincast

    Tutorial: Beginner Wedding Cinematic Moves (Venue/Entourage)

    Hey, here’s a quick beginner wedding drone tutorial with controls used and some tips. I hope some of you will find it useful!
  14. Raincast

    Humble Home 4K - short video

    Simply sharing a short video of our home, all shot by drone. Thanks for looking!
  15. 5

    Newbie quadcopter kit without Tx and Rx.

    I've just purchased the Flysky FS-i6 Tx/Rx combo and want a quadcopter kit to use with it, but WITHOUT Tx and Rx. Can anyone recommend a good, not too expensive ($30 - $80) kit that has everything - frame, motors, props, perhaps battery, NO FPV and NO Tx/Rx?
  16. W


    Hi i need to know which battery capacity will fit into the X8HG Quadcopter 2.4G. Currently it can take a 2000mah.. but can you go bigger for more flight time??
  17. S

    Tech Teacher buying for class

    Hey, I am a middle school technology teacher looking to add quadcopters to my class. I have an 11 day class that I am going to teach Aeronautics. I would like to order 16 drones around $100 each, and I would like them to be the nano sizes so we can fly indoors with a basic opstical course...
  18. O

    Difficulty hovering outdoors

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and RC. I've got a Dromida Vista FVP. I've been testing it indoors attempting to setup the trip and getting a feel for it. Hovering seems to be consistent indoors with very little input needed. However my apparent is not large enough for me to do maneuvers with...
  19. faededtoblack

    Can't decide which quad!!!

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum and new to the quad hobby. I've had a few toy grade quads and I've had a lot of fun with them. Matter of fact, I've got 2 Swift 36C camera drones I practice with pretty regular. They have cameras but the video quality is garbage of course. What I like about them is...
  20. J

    Quadcopter and all accessories for sale

    I am selling my FX450 size quad and all accessories. It flies great but my hobby interests are moving toward robots. The package includes the following: Quadcopter .....Frame 450 size .....Afro 30A ESC's .....Open Pilot cc3d flight controler .....A2212 motors .....Turnigy 3300 battery...