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    I can't get the quadcopter to respond to the remote. But I can get the motors to work in betaflight using micro usb.
    Also no input from remote when in betaflight but gyro works.

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    It does not look like an issue with binding.

    Some recievers need to be turned on after their radios. This was an old saftey precaution that some new flightcontrollers and radios adopted. This is a common problem with the KK board. I do not think this is the problem, but listed it for others who are with a similar problem.

    The quadcopter usually won't idle on arm unless you set it to. I personally don't use it because of the newer flight mode called airmode which makes it obselete.

    If I had to guess what the actual problem is it would be that the reciever is in PWM mode and it is connected for PPM or S-BUS, assuming the Rx is capable of PPM.

    This video should help if that is the case:

    Also I'd take a look at this before flying:

    I know this is for cleanflight, however much of it will be relevent for betaflight


    Just rewatched your video and yes, PPM output should be on, and the betaflight reciever settings should be set for PPM or CPPM as well.
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    The RX you are using is PWM only, no IBus, no PPM.

    Before you try anything, all the channels on the RX have to be plugged into all the channels on the flight controller with their own wire.

    I'm assuming this is similar to yours, note where it shows PWM input.

    This RX has both PPM and IBus (and of course PWM.) But it's large.

    There is also this one.

    There is also FS's latest, which seems rather nice.

    Maybe some help here, remember for your current RX it's PWM.

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