1. M

    getting into fpv

    Hi, I'm getting into fpv and I have some questions, I only flew 100% self-built unstable monstrous drones so I'm not worried about flying fpv difficulty, also I'm not interested in freestyle racing but instead in cinematic cruising. I like the Flywoo Explorer LR 4", but because budget is a...
  2. BillM-RC

    I need your votes please - Vote to win prizes too

    Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts VOTE TO WIN PRIZES 3-in1 Eachine E520S review, Eachine Cinecan review, Eachine EAT01 review video. VOTE for Bill Markey video to get a chance to win free product prizes. PLEASE VOTE FOR Bill Markey HERE NOW: http://bit.ly/36g11LJ
  3. J

    new to fpv drone flying need help?????

    Hi im new to the drone world and looking to get the e max hawk 5 or the eachine wizard x220. Im wondering if the Taranis X-lite is compatible and what would i need to get everything going my build list is as fallows: 1. eachine wizard x220 fpv drone 2. eachine ev100 fpv goggles 3. taranis...
  4. IsaacS

    Lizard105s Gray Screen on FPV Feed

    Hey all, I just got an Eachine Lizard 105s and it flew well until I did a punch out, and I got a gray screen with the OSD still on it. I've tried swapping chabnels and all that, and I have no idea what to do now, and I'd rather not get a new camera (since shipping takes forever from Banggood)...
  5. J

    Esc troubles, and addvice?

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum after bugging the crap out of people on IG I thought I'd try on here. Drone I own is a eachine wizard xt220. PROBLEM I have been cooking esc's like eggs in the morning... I use a 4s 1500 35c battery and my esc's are just some generic crap that came in the BNF...
  6. P

    Wizard X220S - Motor arming problem

    Greetings, recently I bought an Eachine Wizard X200S from Banggood. After I opened it, I had to replace the reciever cable to connect the drone with my Flysky i6, but it wasn't a problem. I paired the drone with the controller successfully and then I did some settings in CleanFlight. Because...
  7. IsaacS

    Need help with PDB and where to solder!!!

    Hey all, I have a Matek Systems PDB (Found Here), and I also own an Eachine FPV camera (Found Here) and an Eachine VTX (Found Here). The PDB has a 5V, 12V, and two Ground pads. What do I connect and where? Thanks in advance.
  8. A

    FlySky doesn't work

    I have a new Eachine Wizard X220 RTF with FlySky FS-i6. When I plugged the battery and turned FlySky on, I encountered it doesn't do anything. Initially I thought I did something wrong, and it seemed weird since it's ready-to-flight version and it should easily work. But it's my first drone and...
  9. Pmac_84

    Eachine x220 / SP Racing F3 / Betaflight 3.3.2 Buzzer issues

    Hi All - Hoping someone may be able to assist? I'm fairly green when it comes to drones so excuse the terminology ;) So I've recently installed a 5v Matek Lost model beeper to my x220, and followed a pretty straight forward guide - connecting power source to VBAT and then connecting buzzer to...
  10. Dronemadness

    Eachine Wizard TS215 REVIEW

    Eachine Wizard TS215 Come check out the Eachine Wizard TS215 Review here on my website link
  11. Dronemadness

    Eachine E58 WIFI FPV With 2MP Wide Angle Camera High Hold Mode Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter RTF

    Eachine E58 WIFI FPV Drone Description: Brand Name: Eachine Item NO.: E58 Frequency: 2.4G Channel: 4ch Gyro: 6 axis Motor: 0720 Coreless Motor Take-off Weight: about 120g Quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 500mAh Lipo (Included) Transmitter Battery:3 x 1.5 AA battery (NOT Included) Charging time...
  12. D

    I lost my Eachine Wizard X220S Betaflight preset...

    So I'm pretty new to fpv drones and I bought a Eachine Wizard X220S.. have had it out a bunch of times and love it! Great beginner drone I reckon! But... I crashed it and bust a motor.. and while waiting for a new one in the post I got to messing around in Betaflight... long story short, I...
  13. Tiskolin

    Eachine E013 controls reversed

    I just got an Eachine E013 drone with goggles for Christmas, and I have been having real fun with it so far. Unfortunately, all of the controls on my receiver have reversed so if I go up it goes down, if I go left it goes right, etc etc. Not only that, as soon as I turn it on it wants to go to...
  14. Junaid

    Does Eachine E011C remote work with Eachine E010C?

    I was just interested if Eachine E011C remote can bind with Eachine E010C quad.. Ps(It would be enough if i could control the drone only with basic functions)
  15. WolverineMachine

    Flying at Pioneer Park in Monroeville PA.

    We were going to rendezvous with "True Drone Reviews" Bryan Single today. We are going to do our first meet and greet with him, fly a little with the family, and trade some info and fun here at Pioneer Park, Monroeville, Pa. See what Momma Irdi has to do for her cub's flight mistake
  16. WolverineMachine

    JJRC/Eachine H8 Mini Battery Upgrade 1 view 0 0 SHARE

  17. WolverineMachine

    Eachine H8 Mini motor replacement

  18. A

    eachine wizard x220 help :/

    So i just got the eachine wizard x220, my first racing quad, and i dont know how to get it flying :/ do i have to plug it into my computer or something? Help plz :)
  19. Hektor

    Binding FrSky D4R-II to Taranis QX7

    Hello all! First post here. Just got an Eachine Wizard, a Taranis QX7, and a FrSky D4R-II. Tried several ways to bind but I can't seem to do it right. Are these parts even compatible? Can't wait to start flying, thanks!
  20. P

    Eachine racer 250 - flight modes are not working

    Hi, I bought an Eachine racer 250 RTF and I have one problem: I can't switch between flight modes so I can fly only with basic flight mode. Do you have same problem? Please tell me how to install acro mode to my quad.