1. N

    HELP, drone camera cable

    My syma x8g drone camera cable broke (buying a new one isn't an option) so I'm trying to make my own and I really need help with the wiring, I tried a lot of different combinations but none seemed to work, the camera led would stay green forever, so can someone help me with the wiring? Or maybe...
  2. GyroDrone2.0

    Syma X8C gimbal!

    Hi, I have the syma X8C but the camera is junk. I was looking around on ebay and I found this...
  3. G

    No ground plate on my drone transmitter

    Hey I am pretty new to this forum and don't know much about it I just want to ask about the ground plate beside the antenna on the transmitter of toy drones i.e Syma X5C I planned to do a range mod on my drone transmitter as it has a very poor range While searching on youtube for range mods...
  4. W

    New batteries last for a minute.

    Hello all. I have a Syma X5UC drone. I recently bought 6 new batteries from Amazon. I charged them up and they all work for about 20 seconds, with a solid light on the drone, then the lights start flashing. The battery that came with the drone lasts for about 5 to 6 minutes. I charge them...
  5. W


    Hi i need to know which battery capacity will fit into the X8HG Quadcopter 2.4G. Currently it can take a 2000mah.. but can you go bigger for more flight time??
  6. G

    Moving from Syma X5UW

    Hello, I am interested in Drones. I have used the Syma X5UW for a while now, and loved it. However its not well built and finally died on me :( I would like something stonger/better built, but still just fun to fly. I recenlty purchased a Hubsan H501a, with the Pro controller. No tried it yet...
  7. T

    Syma X5C on sale for $37.99

    The legendary beginner drone Syma X5C is on Amazon Deal of the Day now for $37.99! One day only! Shop the deal here:
  8. Russelle KiFli

    1080p camera light enough for Syma X5HW

    The stock camera is great but it doesnt meet my standards, so I've been looking for light 1080p camera with or without FPV (but better if it has). What I'm finding is -Low price -1080p or better -light (that a syma x5hw can lift) -FPV is an option -Shaped like a mobius cam I really need your...
  9. Russelle KiFli

    My New Syma X5HW Won't synch with controller?

    Just bought this new Syma X5HW unpacked and assembled it and I was soo excited, but the kill joy here was when I tried to synch it with the transmitter/controller(Up-Down) the X5HW's leds still blinks while the Controller's light is steady?Is this busted or I'm missing something?Oh and the...
  10. Gadget Inspector

    Syma X5UW Full Review and Flight Test (Another Solid Syma Quadcopter)

    I have always been a big fan of Syma's quadcopters. I already owned three of them before this new addition and it has quickly become my new recommendation for beginning pilots. This thing looks really cool with the candy apple red paint job and chrome flourishes and the controller has taken...
  11. Murph

    Linksys WRT54GS parts for transmitter range upgrade?

    I have an old Linksys WRT54GS Wi-Fi router that seems like it has the parts needed for a transmitter range upgrade, but I'm not entierly sure what order the parts should be in if I installed the antennas and extra cable to my transmitter. I am indeed a noob when it comes to quadcopters and...
  12. Don Thomas Boyle

    Syma x5c-1 Removing Stabilization?

    Firstly, sorry about the double post, the first one was accidentally placed in experimental I've not come across a single person anywhere asking to remove such features - only how to fix them. Question: I want to know if there is any way to remove the Gyro Stabilization (or whatever is...
  13. Oxygen breather

    Crashed drone!! AND LOST FOOTAGE?!

    I have crashed my Syma X8G a few times and wonder if there is any way to retrieve the footage. When I put the SD card into the computer, it will show a file for that video taken, and also will give the amount of MB it takes up. But it won't play, and it only shows the standard quicktime symbol...
  14. T

    Beginner drone suggestions (LiDiRC L15FW,Syma XH5C)

    I am planing to buy my first drone and I have a big round zero experience in this. Please understand if I missed something important. :D L15FW vs XH5C comparison L15FW: 1-The headless mode...
  15. CKRobinson

    Syma X8C simply shuts off mid flight?

    I was flying my quad today, getting used to the camera and trying to control the thing (I'm a newbe at this). And way, at one point I had a less than stellar landing (it was pretty windy). When I tried to take off, I discovered the quad had shut down. Figured the battery was out and I'd...
  16. G

    upgrading X5SW-1

    Hi all, sorry for being newbie to this and possibly this question has already been asked? I have bought my young brother (12 yo) a Syma X5SW-1 quadcopter (for some reason different retailers advertise it as X5SW and X5SW-1, I don't know if there is a difference). It works fine and he loves it...
  17. M

    Drone camera issue-please help

    Hi, I have a drone that has a 0.3mp camera , it shoots video, audio and pictures. After a recent crash the filming stopped working ( coloured lines all across screen) the camera still hear's audio and takes good pictures but when you click the film button the picture shows as the cloloured...
  18. D

    Help with a Syma X8HW?

    Hey guys, I'm new to flying quadcopters/drones but had an interest in them for a while, I was recently gifted a Syma X8HW and just wondered if anyone could help me with a few problems I seem to be having? The main issue I'm having is the quad seems to be very unstable in the air, I try to...
  19. Mmorgan107

    Syma x8c fell in water, won't take off

    My Syma x8c fell into about 6 inches of water, just enough to get water in the main compartment. When I try to fly it now, it won't take off. All the propellers seem to work, but they only rotate for a second before cutting off, at which point the bottom LED lights start to blink (similar to the...
  20. Gadget Inspector

    Syma X8G - My most reliable quadcopter

    The only way to really test how good a quadcopter is is to use it over an extended period of time. That is why I can emphatically say that the X8G is my most reliable quad because after multiple uses it is still going strong. I have not even had to replace the motors yet, but those are...