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    Hi all, sorry for being newbie to this and possibly this question has already been asked?

    I have bought my young brother (12 yo) a Syma X5SW-1 quadcopter (for some reason different retailers advertise it as X5SW and X5SW-1, I don't know if there is a difference). It works fine and he loves it. However the short battery life span is an issue. I have been researching upgrading battery to 1200mah but came to the conclusion that the extra weight may cause motor failure which isn't what I want. I have also read that replacing two blade props to three will cause extra strain on the motor. Does anyone have any advice on the best setup to maximise battery life without stressing the drone too much?

    Also I have tried to research what the difference in weight between a 500mah and 1200mah battery is but had no success.

    Many thanks in advance!
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