1. A

    My x220 does a spin when I try to fly it

    Hello all, This is a link to a video I took of it happening: I'm using a link to the YouTube because this website wont let me upload the video. I made sure the propellers were all on the right motors and in betaflight I checked each individual motor to make sure they were turning the right...
  2. D

    Help with MJX X101 - No Remote?

    Hello! I'm totally new to the RC/Quadcopter/Drone community, and I'm not terribly sure where to start or how. I got my hands on a MJX X101 drone that had been lost sometime last year. Nobody claimed it, so it was given to me basically for free. It came with no remote or charger. I managed to...
  3. NBanks02


    I'm new to drones and I'm getting really frustrated with my wizard x220 rtf I've managed to bind the controller and drone but the controller isn't moving the drone, the motors won't even spin.. I've spent 2 days off trying to work it out, I've managed to connect it to the wizard to beta flight...
  4. TheTechGuy

    Blade mQX RTF would like to upgrade

    I have the default Blade mQX RTF, it was a gift from my dad and I love it. It is pretty difficult to maneuver even after extensive practice inside/outside( ~20 hours ), trim has always been an issue with the provided remote. It would seem that real controllers can do so much more than the...
  5. G

    Complete Drone Newbie after some advice

    Hello! Completely new to drones/quads – never used one or anything similar. I am looking to get started with something relatively inexpensive at first. Primarily just want to use it for taking photos when I'm enjoying the outdoors. I already have a GoPro Hero 3+ and would ideally like to be...
  6. A

    Wanted suggestion of choosing cc3d as flying controller

    Hello I am beginning to develop quadcopter,and interested to use cc3d as it's cheap.Please suggest on the use any cons to consider,any better alternatives.Also plz guide if any good guide to build the quad with minimal features
  7. freebles

    Arris x220 , newb needs esc sync advice

    hey folks I'm new to the hobby and to this site!so, Hola! Konichiwa! Hello! im having issues getting this Arris x220 pro. off the ground for the first time. it seems motor 1 wants to spin at 2000 and every other motor goes to maybe 1400-1500 i need 2 more posts before i can post the link to...
  8. B

    RTF drone setup help

    I recently got the ARRIS X220 220mm RC Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone, a RCmall Flysky FS-T6 High precision 2.4G 6 channel Radio controller and Eachine VR D2 Pro Upgraded 5 Inches 800*480 40CH 5.8G Diversity FPV Goggles. It is a gift for my dad and I just need help with setting it up or so that I...
  9. T

    Newbie question

    Hi all! new to the hobby, and thought i would add a FPV mod to my contixo f17. I added a VTX03 along with a runcam swift 2 camera and have Ev800 goggles. I get a solid crystal clear image for 3-6 seconds mostly, sometimes up to 30, then the screen goes to static for 20-30 seconds, and after that...
  10. 5

    Newbie quadcopter kit without Tx and Rx.

    I've just purchased the Flysky FS-i6 Tx/Rx combo and want a quadcopter kit to use with it, but WITHOUT Tx and Rx. Can anyone recommend a good, not too expensive ($30 - $80) kit that has everything - frame, motors, props, perhaps battery, NO FPV and NO Tx/Rx?
  11. S

    New/Upgrading build flight controller recommendations

    So i was into drones about 1.5 years ago and decided to build myself one to try out however, it never really worked as well as i wanted and didn't have features i probably just assumed were standard like altitude hold and return to home. so i planned an upgrade using a SPracing F3 (which i later...
  12. esoterik1967

    I am new to quadcopters. on disability and looking for a hobby.

    I was gifted a flamewheel 450 frame only. I am new to quadcopters. Recommendations on parts, assembly and how to fly would be appreciated?
  13. Carlos Faustino

    QUAD build FPV - need advice

    Hi there guys So, I'm building my first quad with some help but i would like other opinions specially from experienced people. So, by now, I already bought: Frame : Diatone Q450 v3 from Bangood Motors: Multistar Elite 2216 920KV Props: Multistar Propeller With DJI Fitting 10x4.5...
  14. N

    Battery Voltage OK?

    I currently have a 22.2v 5000mAh lipo on my first quadcopter build, its pretty heavy but I have some 800kv motors with 11in props/30A esc's that have no problem lifting it off the ground. The problem is, despite all of my calibration efforts, "hovering throttle" causes it to lift off the ground...
  15. M


    Hi Gang, My name in Marcus, 28 from Devon (but living in London) and I am planning on getting into the world of drone flying. A large contributor to my interest is an upcoming trip to Southeast Asia at the end of the year. Lots of research to be done but that's all part of the fun! Looking...
  16. J

    Newbie questions. Please help

    So,I really want to get into this hobby, but I am still in the research phase of everything. There a few things that have confused me, and have not been answered anywhere I have seen. I would really appreciate anyone so kind as to answer these questions for me. How do you know if your quad it's...
  17. Russelle KiFli

    Newbie here

    I need to know more about Quadcopters like Channels Ghz and etc thanks!
  18. Russelle KiFli

    My New Syma X5HW Won't synch with controller?

    Just bought this new Syma X5HW unpacked and assembled it and I was soo excited, but the kill joy here was when I tried to synch it with the transmitter/controller(Up-Down) the X5HW's leds still blinks while the Controller's light is steady?Is this busted or I'm missing something?Oh and the...
  19. E

    Need help with programing button mapping on my Taranis remote

    Hi! I am building my first drone and am new comer to the world of drones themselves. I am having trouble syncing the drone with my remote and mapping the buttons and sticks so the drone will actually work without being hooked up to Cleanflight. Help would be much appreciated.
  20. supernull

    total noob struggling to fly an LS-124

    Hey! A Lian Sheng LS-124 is my very first quad, bought it 2 days ago. So far I only tried to fly it indoors, but it very soon turned out that I'm in lack of skills to do so. Most probably I shall better try to bring it outdoors. Running through some guides I found on the interwebz, I realised it...