1. D

    Eachine e58 drone

    I just started flying one of these. wow, so addictive. but lets talk maintenance on these. I already ordered a new set of arms & rotors since I seem to have burned out a motor already. (caught in the bushes) the gears look fine so it's got to be the motor. I need to devise a test rig so I can...
  2. M

    “Switch” quadcopter motors?

    Short story; a while back the wife acquired a “Switch” quadcopter, little or no cost. Recently I had a renewed interest in. Somehow I managed to stick it onto a low power line to a utility light. As a result it now needs two motors. Many hours of searching over a couple of weeks, and the...
  3. L

    Drone went for a swim, NEED help is my ESC or motors broken?

    Hi very new to fpv so need a little help Basically, let a mate fly my drone (rookie mistake) he lost control, I lost sight of it and he crashed it straight into a puddle and was in there, fully submerged, for about 10 mins before we found it. I’ve seen forums online saying it should be fine if...
  4. U

    Motors vibrating/wobbling, balancing issue ?

    I built my first drone, 450 size it does fly, but I've noticed the arms are going wobbly sometimes, and I am afraid that it can snap the arm (3D printed). Arms are not very very solid, you can slightly twist them with a hand, but I don't believe that's the build/print issue. I was thinking it...
  5. R

    Looking For High Power Motors for Tarot 680 PRO

    Hi, I'm building a heavy-lift quadcopter and am trying to decide on what motors I should use the only thing I've decided on is the Tarot 680 PRO frame. Any motor sugestions?
  6. U

    Props, motors CW CCW confusion

    I am about to chose Motors and propellers to quad I am building. I've seen different approaches (I think), there is some DIY guides that e.g. have same 4 motors (no CCW or CW), and then they say they use 2xCW and 2xCCW propellers. While I was thinking it's about having CCW and CW motors...
  7. D

    Motors ESC KV Help

    Ok so I have a Mamba F405 mk2 20x20 with a max burst of 30Amps with 4S batteries and I have 6 inch props. I also want to get the Emax ECO 2207 or the 2306 motors. Now I'm not understanding the KV and what I should go with. I've had people tell me go with 2400KV then some say 1700KV and nobody...
  8. S


    I AM AT MY WIT'S END! I have been trying to make my first tinywhoop(though I have successfully made several 5in racers) work for 4 months now and i am just at a loss for words. No matter what I change, it never has enough power to get more than 3 inches off the ground at full throttle. Here...
  9. A

    First build. Question about propeller vs motor

    I've got a question about closing a motor and propeller. The propellers I chose are 8"x5.5, and I'm wondering if the RCX RS2206(v3) would work on with these props. I'm also going with a 210 mm frame and what to know if I'll have enough torque and thrust. Not fully decided on other parts yet...
  10. raymon kroeze

    Tranquility FPV freestyle

  11. Lior

    Tarot zyx-m

    Started a new build. Tarot zyx-m flight controller. I set everything up in the software and plugged Al the pluges. The transmitter and receiver are set. In the tarot manual I read that to start the motors I need to push the sticks in the transmitter down and towards each other or down and away...
  12. T

    ARES- Crossfire Z-line

    was interested in the the whole fpv thing and decided to get myself one, i went the easy route and bought an already built one. Ive been flying this one for a couple months already, its a decent quad for $100 but i ended up crashing it and breaking the PDB. so now im stuck with this broken quad...
  13. JacobCoy9

    Motors keep throttling up without user input.

    Hello all, I've got a 250 racing quad that's going haywire. It started after I replaced the front frame (I had to de-solder and re-solder the ESCs to get the wires through the frame). When I finished the reassembly, the quad would start increasing power without me telling it to. (See video)...
  14. J

    Custom Drone build - The motors

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I've been planning on building my own drone for a while. I've designed and constructed the framework using 3D printing and aluminium tubing. The main issue is, I don't know which motors and blades to use. The length of each arm is 250mm and the total body weight...
  15. sailorsam

    UDI 818 replace motors

    thread title tells all. the unit landed hard at an angle and got sand in two of the motors. blew out and WD-40 but still wouldn't work. dug through my stuff and found a set of four replacement motors. plug-in units so no soldering! managed to disassemble and remove old units. put...
  16. 3

    Question about Quad Motor wear and tear

    Do these quad motors wear down and loose performance over time or do they run great until the end and just die? I've had a quad for some time now (Ominus) and it seems be flying doggy. I'd swear it was faster when it was new. I have maintained it well and replaced a couple prop shafts and one...
  17. D

    First quadbuild, motors acting strange (videoclip)

    Hi, I´m starting to get finished with my first quad but I do have some problems with my motors to spin the way I want them to. When I push the Arm-button and have throttle at 0 the motors starts to spin even though I have flicked on "MOTOR_STOP" in cleanflight. When I then increase the throttle...
  18. mozquito1

    ESC wire length

    I am about to build my second quad, but plan to put the ESC's in the main housing. The only place to do this is the rear, so what I was wondering is can you have odd wire lengths on Say motors 1+3 than on 2+4 either battery or motor side, by about 5". Or will this give me problems. Just trying...
  19. D

    CW vs CCW Motor Placement

    I know where to put CW and CCW props and which way the motor has to spin, however, I have gotten some motors and the top parts (I'm sorry I don't know the exact name, it is the little cone that holds the props in), some screw in CW (i.e. righty tighty) and some screw in CCW. Should the motors...
  20. D

    Will These Motors Fit a Prop with a 5mm Hole?

    I'm sorry I'm a bit confused with the specs on these motors: Will they fit a prop with a 5mm hole or will...