flight controller

  1. A

    Flight Controller / (cheap) drone for autonomous cargo pickup and drop-off drone - university project

    tldr: I need a cheap drone (quadrocopter) or a flight controller, so that I can control a drone with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi to implement a landing and cargo pickup routine. What drone or flight controller do you suggest? I am currently beginning my final university project for my bachelor...
  2. J

    How to add custom betaflight code to obtain data from I2C device and pass to OSD?

    I successfully obtained data from my I2C device in Arduino: #include <Wire.h> ... Wire.begin(); ... // read function: Wire.beginTransmission(address); Wire.write(startAddress >> 8); Wire.write(startAddress & 0xFF); uint16_t numberOfBytesToRead = bytesRemaining...
  3. R

    3D printed Quadcopter

    Hello Everyone I have a 3D printed Quad copter that I just finished building. First flight was not a good one. It started to go up then it just flipped. the Flight controller is iFlight SucceX-E Mini F7 V1.0 MPU6000. The ESC's are Crazepony Flycolor BLHeli S 30A. The ESC's is a replacement from...
  4. BL Swagger

    Dead FC Review

    I believe I have a dead FC, but wanted to run by my approach & findings with all of you to see if you have anything else to add. Starts off when I was attempting to install a Hellgate Buzzer onto an SPF3 FC. Things didn't go very well, and long story short, it ends with the quad not working...
  5. A

    Help needed for selection of basic flight controller for beginner intended for photography

    Hello all please guide in selecting basic no frills beginner friendly microntroller intended for mini/nano quad for photography..once again thx
  6. AndreasS

    Solder Camera and VTx on PDB or on FC?

    Hi all! I'm new here on the forum so this is my first post. I'm building my first FPV drone at the moment. Even thou I have watched many build videos, I still have a lot of beginner questions I don't dare to ask elsewhere. I hope this newbie forum section can help me. :) Ok... I have 3...
  7. Hoover Longtree

    Touble with Omnibus f3 flight controller and FS-iA6 Receiver BETAFLIGHT NO MOTOR RESPONSE

    Hello. I am really confused here. I have no trouble setting up and connecting the radio to the receiver that it shows it is connected on my radio’s screen. And also the flight controller looks normal; it has one blue and one red light when connected to the battery. However, after I installed...
  8. BL Swagger

    How to choose a Pixhawk?

    I have been led to think that the Pixhawk is the direction I want to go for my 450mm+ builds. I have seen some mixed reviews on Pixhawks, but not sure which ones are trustworthy to buy. Can anyone give some insight on this flight controller? I see many different types & brands selling a...
  9. A

    Stack for: Holybro Kakute F4 AIO V2?

    I'm choosing parts for my first build, and I like the Holybro Kakute F4. I'm confused about the product combination to buy. Should I get: Kakute F4 V2 AIO (holybro product/51) Comes with PDB, unlike the Kakute F4 V2 (holybro product/50) Tekko32 4-in-1 35A ESC (holybro product/54) One unit...
  10. M

    Need an OSC Recommendation

    I am currently using a Naze32 and am looking for an OSD to put on the quad. I was thinking of either updating the FC since it seems to be outdated. So I am open to a recommendation of FC integrated with an OSD. I am limited in space in the center since I am using a 4 in 1 ESC which is taking a...
  11. A

    Advice on how to connect a Flight Ccontroller for a beginner

    Hey everyone!!! I bought a packaged bnf quadcopter set from my local hobby store and I have lost motivation setting it up. I have done the frame assembly but the electronics are quite intimidating. It came with an unknown flight controller that I have never heard of (hobby people super m/r...
  12. W

    What does VCC mean on flight controller?

    Hi guys i'm curious what VCC is on flight controller. What does it stand for and what does it do exactly? Thanks
  13. eddie613

    My HGLC F4 V5 PRO died after first flight and will not power up using USB

    I recently built a drone using the HGLC F4 V5 PRO, got everything working, and flew it for about a minute. I landed it hard enough to flip over but not hard enough to break anything. After the landing it became completely unresponsive. I have taken it apart and attempted to reconnect to...
  14. nirmal___

    Flight control board

    I am creating a blimp. (Check the attachment to know what I am going to create. ) I am customising it to 6 propellers. (Propellor arrangement is shown in another drawing - attachment) The 4 horizontal propellors act just like a quadcopter, one vertical propellor help to rotate the blimp...
  15. R

    drone is shaking. HELP

    Hello i am Roy. I'm making my first drone but have a problem.. Does anyone know the problem that happened in the movie and has a solution? Flightcontroller: omnibus f7 pro. Movie: roy-wittenberg.nl/Drone.mp4
  16. D

    How wire a frsky x4r receiver to a Dys f4 pro FC

    Im working my first quad build and having trouble figuring out how to wire my receiver to my FC, the videos and other info i found on the internet ive tryed and are just not working for me, if anyone has experience with dys f4 pro flight controller (beta flight) and the x4r frsky i would love...
  17. S

    New/Upgrading build flight controller recommendations

    So i was into drones about 1.5 years ago and decided to build myself one to try out however, it never really worked as well as i wanted and didn't have features i probably just assumed were standard like altitude hold and return to home. so i planned an upgrade using a SPracing F3 (which i later...
  18. R

    Wizard,spectrum combo?

    Guys, Mama gave me the ok to purchase an eachine wizard 220 drone. I have a spectrum Dx6e transmitter for another bird and want to stay with one. Is there a spektrum receiver that will work with eachine 220 that claims to have a F3 6DOF flight controller. Apparently, when sold with the...
  19. A

    Build A Payload(GolfBalls) Drone

    I am competing in the TYESA UAV competition and I started doing some research on quad copter parts. However i'm stuck on choosing a FC. I need a flight controller that can obviously fly the quad but be able to run a loop program in the background. Simple program that uses a color detector to...
  20. A

    Transmitter Help

    I am new to drones and I have completed my build for the most part. I'm using a cc3d flight controller, a orangerx receiver and I have a dx6i transmitter. Everything seems to be working good and it connects to cleanflight and I can change all the settings. My problem is that my dx6i shows that...