Will It Fly Good?

Discussion in 'Mini Quads & Racing' started by Yog Dharaskar, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Yog Dharaskar

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    Hi guys, I just finished my ZMR250 build wiith naze rev 6 emax simonk 12a esc emax 2204 2300kv motors and DAL 6045 bullnose pprops. There is a problem i ordered the wrong battery, a 3300mah 35c 11.1v 3s lipo its 270 grams in weight i dont intend to use a camera or any other equipment so will it fly good and what maximum height will it go?
  2. mozquito1

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    It may be a bit sluggish with that 3k mah. Around 1500mah for 250 size & atleast 20 amp if racing, if not you can pull That 3300mah easy, but I would advise you to bump the esc's up still. Just incase you get frisky:D & the only height you should be going is nothing over 400'o_O
    You may hit a blackhawk, notoriously famous for being downed.
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