Team Blacksheep Tango and EZuhf Jr Module

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    Hi guys,

    First post here and I certainly hope it isn't too dumb :(

    Basically I've been around quadcopters for the past few years but have never been too serious, just some fun backyard flying and maybe a little bit of fpv using immersion tx/rx and a home made ground station. Well now I've decided its time to get a bit more serious because the noise on 2.4 has been really crowded near me in the last 6 months and has been taken the life of one of my quads and nearly killed off another. So I decided to take some precautions with a Dji naza m v2 and also a tbs tango with ezuhf jr module because i know that the 433 band isn't that bad near me especially if I set it to extreme hopping.

    I'm not yet interested in having an osd but I am interested in this: getting rssi or signal quality relayed back to the tbs tango. It doesn't even have to be an exact readout. Just some sort of buzzer on the tbs tango would be fine. Unfortunately I've checked the forums and asked the guys at getfpv, IMRC and TBS and no one seems to know, hasn't tried this yet or just hasn't answered me.

    So, does anyone know how or if I can get RSSI from the ezuhf lite 8 channel receiver down to my tbs tango without an osd?

    Thanks and I hope this isn't a terrible first question on the forum!

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