Syma X5C-1 Modifications thread

Discussion in 'Build Logs' started by Mike H., Feb 20, 2016.

  1. loganlexow

    loganlexow New Member

    I have a 3s/4s acro, tiny whoop, phantom, etc. I like modding things as I was the kid that took the toaster apart. The x5c is the experiment whip of the bunch mostly. Just for fun. Thanks for the reply though.
  2. cragv

    cragv Member

    I've made a few more changes recently. My X5C-1 is now a 25mW FPV flier weighing 76.9g without the battery.

    A great first FPV machine I can lend to friends who want to try it for the first time without worrying about smashing or losing a heavier, expensive machine. Flies great, too - as always, weight minimisation is key with this model!



    Maiden X5C-1 FPV flight here, cut down from the 7 minute flight on 750mAh battery to keep it interesting! It was also my first ever FPV flight, for which I found my hours of LOS flying with the X5C-1 absolutely invaluable.

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  3. loganlexow

    loganlexow New Member

    Now that is AWESOME! I don't know how I've managed to not throw a camera on mine yet lol. I don't know why, but this x5c has me hooked. It's my second favorite next to my whoop lol.
  4. cragv

    cragv Member

    It is low stress flying, maybe that's why you like it so much. Definitely so for me. I don't crash much these days but when I do, it just doesn't matter with this lightweight and sedate little thing!
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  5. loganlexow

    loganlexow New Member

    That very well could be it.
  6. grx

    grx Member

    Very Cool indeed! Those 5.8 cameras are the way to go and it looks like you got some altitude there. But, I take it that this one does not record onto a card too right?
  7. cragv

    cragv Member

    The camera is simply an all in one video sender. My FPV goggles (Eachine VR D2) record to a microSDHC card. For better video, you'd need a better camera. Mine was a 600TVL 1/3" CMOS camera. I have a few nicer 700/800TVL CCD cameras with separate video transmitters but combined they weigh 35-40g, which is light, but way too heavy for the X5C. The all in one I've used here is about 6g and about AUD$25 - perfect for this kind of flier :)
  8. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Lol well ty...ive always tinkered as a kid and still do as a 48 yr old man lol.

    The x5c-1 board can only supply so much power through its mosfets and isnt the most powerful board used with 7mm motors and overall has conservative flight characteristics hence why its so easy to fly....What i was going to suggest was the use of a JJRC 1000 board which has very aggressive flight characteristic as well as supplies more amperage from the mosfets they use....You can keep your stock 7mm motors but completely transform how the x5 flies...We are still limited with gearing and props of the x5 but it would be a substantial increase in overall performance..This will make it much more sporty to control or at least will force you to relearn how to fly it over a stock board on high rates...Youll have 3 different flight rates with the jjrc board so it can still be a tame machine if you want it to be.

    A great "cheap" controller to use with the jjrc board is the tarantula x6 will allow 3 different flight rates..40 percent (very smooth and controllable but not really enough to fly in any wind..(60% wakes it up and will show you a big difference in performance..(100% is insane with forward or reverse pitch and you must take caution not to send it into the ground.

    Chaoli motors in 7mm would be an upgrade but it would be minimal using the x5 board as they would still be limited power wise and those motors are just too pricey in general and i dont think would be worth the upgrade.

    You can now use the new props off the X5Hc which adds some performance over the stock props.
  9. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Id like to do an update on my x5c.

    1.) It still flies like a dream with all the mods but i have to now recommend you keep a few more screws to keep the body halves together...After a few crashes and over time the body will warp and not stay together all that well.

    2.) Get you some newer X5HC props..they work great compared to the stock props.

    3.) If you want to keep it all syma the x5hc board is a good optional board if you want the altitude hold.....the x5c is still a lighter quad overall than the x5hc and even more so with the mods done so it makes for a good swap.

    I would do the board swap over buying the x5hc...just remember to swap out the battery lead on the board or youll have to buy all new batteries.
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  10. Bigbeard

    Bigbeard New Member

    Hi...can you post a link for a good antenna to use for the antenna mod?

    Can you also post a link where to get the hex board to swap it out? Does the tarantula remote control have adequate range to avoid antenna mod?
  11. grx

    grx Member

    I actually tried those X5HC props on my X5C, in the end I went ahead and returned to stock. With those props it seemed like the lift curve was exaggerated, at more throttle the X5C had a lot more lift, at lower throttles the props seemed to reduce the lift. If I throttle down normally, the quad will lower until it almost hits the ground and will then the wash will lift back up. With the X5H props, the quad would actually hit the ground before bouncing back up. Also don't know what effect -if any- these props would have on battery life and motor lovegevity. Maybe none, but I decided just to go back to stock. I did leave these props on my US Army F-15 x5HC clone (which came with X5C props) in an attempt to make it perform better in the wind. Nope- the F-15 is still a dog in the wind. -my experience.
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  12. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    The best range mod is to use the Radio from the Syma X8C...Everything functions the same...The syma board must be a version 3 or version 6 or it will not work.

    I use amazon for most of my shopping..just search "5db antenna kit" and you will find them....On the first page of this thread is a link to the proper way to mod the stock x5c radio.

    The Tarantula x6 radio is compatible for use with a jjrc 1000 board and will not work with the syma board unfortunately.
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  13. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Unfortunately with the stock x5c board its going to be difficult to get good wind performance..The board is not programmed well enough to do this..We have to remember this quad was designed for more of an entry level camera platform.

    You have options to make it much more aggressive but this will require a different board and transmitter.

    With the changes ive made to my x5c-1 the x5hc props are performing better for me than stock props...The stock props do create more lift in general but with the weight reduction and more power i get the same if not more and a slight increase in speed.

    Just changing the board alone is a major improvement all around even on an otherwise stock x5c.
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  14. grx

    grx Member

    Actually, I think the X5c is pretty damn good in the wind (all things considered). It gets pretty bumpy but for what it is......but I've flown it in winds I shouldn't, and winds a Phantom pilot would leave the field. But that's the advantage of having something this basic in the air- no fear. :)

    The quad I was talking about was the US ARMY X5HC clone called the F-15. I bought this quad on it's features and range (It comes with a transmitter with a real 3db antenna inside and can go far stock). The only problem is, it sucks in the wind, it's a lot worse than the X5C. It has 3 modes- but in mode 1 it will get pushed backwards by winds >>at full throttle<<. In the highest mode it can fight the wind- well sort of-. I thought perhaps putting the X5HC props on it would give it a lot more power to fight the wind, but it still seemed like it sucked. - too bad, because otherwise it's a cool quad.

    And yeah, I've modified my x5C transmitter with the external antenna but I think the advice you guys gave is right. Just buy the X8's easier and likely better than a modified X5 transmitter anyway....
  15. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    As long as you have the version 3 or version 6 x5c-1 control board then the x8c transmitter will work with it.

    The f15 version seems to be a mix of the x5hc and can simply put in an x5hc board and have the same thing but the x8c transmitter wont work with it...Its possible the x8hc transmitter will but i cant confirm that and im not sure if any range improvement would be made...Ive been away from researching for quite a while and not up to date on whats new out there.

    This thread was made to show what can be done to the older stock x5c-1 to take it to a maximum performance level.

    Following stages 1 and 2 pretty much does that at a very minimum cost and a little easy labor...It really makes a very noticeable difference in performance everywhere.

    Its not until you change the board and possibly the motors as an option that you realize the limits of the x5c-1 board...Pitch is very minimal on the stock was designed that way to be an easy flyer and as long as you have little pitch you have little means of flying in any sort of substantial winds.

    Im personally impressed at how the the x5c-1 flies given thought out modifications and its still to this date my favorite go to quad..Its been dead nuts reliable and cheap to maintain..It hands down beats any other "toy" quad i own and i own quite a few.

    I have zero problems maintaining an altitude steadily with very slight throttle changes so i never saw a reason to use the x5hc board personally but i do like the props with the rest of the changes ive made to my x5c-1..How they perform on heavier quad i cant say really.

    I do like the paint scheme on that f15 would be nice to find just the body for sale at some point.

    Where did you read it uses a 3db antenna?..i googled the quad and only found one thread on another forum but no specs were given.
  16. grx

    grx Member

    Well, I didn't. Like you, I disassemble everything I have! When I heard about the range it had, the first thing I figured was that it probably had a real antenna mod inside. After receipt, I immediately took the transmitter apart.
    It has a 3DB aerial antenna soldered to the board, running up in a little loop.

    That explains the range. On the quad side, it's nothing special, it has a 1/4 wave wire antenna.

    It also has a couple things different about it than the X5HC, like it has auto takeoff, auto landing and 3 modes. Not that these things amount to a hill of beans. Auto takeoff is no different than hitting full throttle and then holding at about 6 feet. Auto landing is downright dangerous!! Since all it does is cut throttle and start lowering quickly to the ground, you still have to guide it or it could tip over. Not to mention these quads don't shut the props down immediately like you can do on an X5c. Tip over and it's prop chopping time. It's actually much safer to manually land.

    It does hold it's altitude pretty well in the air- although i did add a foam windscreen to the pressure sensor like Syma does on the newer models.

    The mod I did on the X5c that I really like is the buzzer or audible beacon. when I would lose it, I'd have to rev the motors to try to pinpoint it. Now, all I have to do is turn off my transmitter and the quad will start emitting the beacon sounds. Can save tons of time if you lose it in high grass. I also tried to solder this into the F-15, but it didn't work right.

    I removed all the LEDs and covers in front on both quads and installed 1 high power white LED to the front body like a headlight. Makes navigating at night at a distance somewhat easier, whenever you see the headlight you know it's heading toward you- plus looks pretty cool- like a spotlight on a helicopter.
  17. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    300ft is a good range..thats the distance of a football field (100yds) but as we all know i would test that range personally as alot of manufacturer range claims can be a bit optimistic.

    I was a bit surprised at the price on the F15...the one place i found on amazon was near $90 for one...Are they cheaper from a different source?

    If you get a chance to do some of the mods on here to your x5c-1 let us know how they work out for you..The X5C-1 (with the v6 board) is still my favorite toy quad and has shown the most potential for improvement over any model i own...Its simple easy labor with minimal upgrade cost to have one great reliable flying quad...@ $23 for a complete BNF its certainly the least costly to repair or replace when needed.
  18. grx

    grx Member

    It seemed that on, they had the F-15 for like $39 or something just the other day. That's the price I paid for mine. Unless, the one you were looking at was the one with the wi-fi camera- I wouldn't bother with that. Please note: this one doesn't come with a camera but fully functions with your X5C camera with a velcro mount (which is the way I attach my camera anyway).

    I've done a few mods on the X5c like the beacon, Anti-jello camera mount, removing some screws, running the antenna up through the body top etc. But, in the end I'm not going to try totally strip it. It's strength is it's cheapness and simplicity. I'm happy enough with it to accept what it is- with a few simple improvements.

    I would not move up to an X8 which is still just a bigger toy with more expensive parts, harder to fly in public areas and less crash resistance. for me, it's either one of these or something that costs $800, and the only way I'd buy something that costs $800 is if I was making money off of it. :) Otherwise, why bother.
  19. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    I have the x8c also but have a flight board issue with it after one small crash...ill replace it eventually but the x5 is still more fun to me.

    Not a bad price i suppose if everything works as it should.

    As far as stripping down an looks completely stock minus accessories...Its really easy to do and makes a huge difference but if your happy then thats all that matters.

    Happy flying to you.
  20. grx

    grx Member

    One mod I didn't mention that i did was remove those lower landing mount pieces under the gears. Completely cut these flush. Apparently these were the landing pads of an earlier model? Lowered the weight and more importantly removed the vertical surfaces. Haven't had an issue with this and highly recommend for wind resistance.

    BTW: How far and how high have you flown yours? Around 150 feet is about as far as I've flown mine and about 100 feet up. I live in an urban area so it's a little dicey sometimes.

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