syma x5c-1

  1. T

    Syma X5C on sale for $37.99

    The legendary beginner drone Syma X5C is on Amazon Deal of the Day now for $37.99! One day only! Shop the deal here:
  2. H

    Syma X5C-1 camera upgrade

    I founded some camera for Syma X5C-1. This is the link: Someone know something about this? Can I easy fix them to Syma, and is it better than this stock camera...
  3. Dave Howells

    Syma X5C-1 will not bind

    Hi guys, Don't know where to turn really. Out of the box syma x5c-1 turn the transmitter in the blue light flashes rapidly then to a slow flash. I place battery into the quad, on a level surface lights on quad flash fast then slower. Transmitter throttle is down the entire time. Then push up...
  4. Mike H.

    Syma X5C-1 Modifications thread

    Ive always wanted an x5c-1 and, now it has become a reality for me...For several months ive pretty much read everything about the X5 with all its upgrades and possible mods.. Some ive found appealing and some not so much. The goal, will be to squeeze out as much performance as possible from the...
  5. D

    New X5C-1

    I received a drone for Christmas, and could not get it to work correctly. I took it back to the store for a refund, then began looking on the internet for another one. I chose the Syma x5C-1, based on the reviews. I put batteries in the radio, charged the battery for the copter, and got...
  6. Michael Fenimore

    LiPo battery charging and the USB provided charger

    Firstly, if this is in the wrong place, please move it. My subject is kind of broad. Here's my situation; My Syma X5C-1 USB battery charger seems to be failing. In the beginning, about 15 or 20 charges ago, it would charge the battery and shut off the LED to indicate it was done. Now, the past...