Red 5 FX145

Discussion in 'Parts & Components' started by Hamish.mac, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. David Langstaff

    David Langstaff New Member

    I'm starting to agree mate. Had 3 drones from Menkind/Red5 and none of them have worked. The latest one is the FX-145. It just wont calibrate properly and flies sidewards. This was my daughters xmas present 18 months ago and we've still not got things sorted. Rubbish drones.

    Has anyone got tips or a video on how to calibrate this thing please. Its ok until you get to the 'hold it at 45 degree part then it won't lock in. Cheers
  2. David Langstaff

    David Langstaff New Member

    Hiya Nazan. Did you get yours calibrated OK? I cant get mine to calibrate

  3. Stalfos

    Stalfos New Member

    You can skip calibration by going up then down on the left stick, and then holding both diagonally down and inwards/towards each other _| |_

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