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  1. Hamish.mac

    Hamish.mac New Member

    I am looking for parts for my FX145. I am looking for a new motor and the gears which turn the rotors. I have searched online but cannot find anything.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. bignose2

    bignose2 Member

    Hi, Sorry can't help,
    asking the same question, FX-145
    Did you have any luck.
    Also I guess asking about the gears, our gears stripped within minutes of first use, rotors hit the ground, no time to stop.
    I am not sure if this is normal for quadcopters? As far as I can see this would happen pretty much every time it hits something which is ineviatble no matter how god you are, the rotors are not fully protected. Why not include a number of spares in the box, mist cost them pennies!!
    I have a small husban an the rotas are fitted direct to the motor but can spin, not screwed in so slip or spin off but this is a small drone and perhaps larger ones need the gears for the speed and to be fixed for more power?
    It does seem to be the same as then Fineco FX-22C so somewhere else to search but not found too much for this either but more than the ZERO on the Red5. No reply from Selfridges London. So parts/spares or extra on their website, Wonder if might regret this.
    Would like a spare battery also but think on Voltage & dimention should be able to source this.
    Hope you have some luck
  3. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Toys. Eh... They are called pinion gears. Just measure the shaft & gear width & Google.
  4. bignose2

    bignose2 Member

    Many thanks for that, Will measure & google.
    I know you generally get what you pay for and £150 is cheap for a drone but still a few quid,

    My Daughter bought for Xmas pressie for boyfriend & was so excited for him but to last 2 minutes. I saw the crash (if you can call it that), just caught the legs & toppled over into soft dirt, was very gentle indeed, barley spinning rotas & that was the end of that. I have a cheap hubsan & crashed the hell out of that and it just keeps going so figured you don't necessarily need to spend a fortune.

    Will google pinion gears.
  5. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    I just googled around & there is a shop that sells this toy. Menkind.Co.UK with spares for other FX toys except this. They may be out of stock. Or maybe worth asking about spares. Just say you bought it off them & you need spares. They may put you onto somthing. You should find them gears on eBay though or bangood.
    Probably a standard size that will fit in most toys.
  6. bignose2

    bignose2 Member

    Thanks again, emailed them a while ago & Red5 & Red5 selfridges (where is came from). No replies from anyone, will need to phone but doubt will have much luck during this busy period so thought would look around for myself. Fineco FX-22C is the same & a tiny bit more visible on the internet but still no specific parts. I expect & hope fairy standard, Will do some measuring.
  7. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    If it's not marked badly, take it back.
    Say it was crunching on maiden & now it won't go. You want money back.
    Then buy something with brushed motors or You would have more fun with a tiny whoop or somthing. Fpv & acro.
    Widely available parts.
  8. bluesilver

    bluesilver New Member

    Exactly the same problem and same quod. Took it out for first flight, lasted 2 mins after crash land and the cog (pinion gear) is striped of 2 splines, so the blade does not turn. This must be a fault?

    Cant find any spares either and Selfridges no longer have stock.

    What did you do? thanks.
  9. bignose2

    bignose2 Member

    Not had time to investigate yet but I did email fineco direct & got this reply which has some promise but I doubt quick from china, His English is not too good.
    I also suspect might be worth just ordering a few different ones from ebay & hope size is the correct, only a few £'s & worth a punt. Could measure & ask but the pin size is I think trial & error. It looks like quite a good drone for the money so not keen to give up on it but what other parts might go.
    Dear Greg,

    thank you for buying our products. The Red5 FX-145 is client OEM style.(You should find the seller to do the after-sale service)

    The OEM style are sold by a company buyer,so we don't know how to contact the client.Also If you don't find the seller,we suggest that you send the picture of the parts for us,We will send you the parts and spare battery to you and kindly provide your express accout number.
    Thanks & Best regards,
    Fineco team
    ------------------ Original Mail ------------------
    Date: 2017-12-28 18:42:21
    Subject: Parts/Spares for FX-22c in the UK


    We have just bought a Red5 FX-145 from Selfridges, London, UK.

    It is same as Fineco FX-22C.

    After just 2 minutes first time use the rotor hit the ground and stripped its gears.

    We cannot find anywhere that has parts or spares in the UK.

    Where can we get these?
    Also would like spare battery?
    Don't really want to have to wait for parts to come from China.

    Please advise.
  10. bluesilver

    bluesilver New Member

    so everyone here can confirm that first flight and the gears strip. and all bought from Selfridges over last few weeks? So the product is faulty then?
  11. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Brushed motors don't last either.
    Mainly because of the props being pushed on, the stators get pushed out the housing, or they heat up & the plastic melts, making it lose. Probably designed that way. Life expectancy is short. I had 2 jjrc
    For about 2 hours of flight time altogether. Then moved straight to the good stuff. Have to pay a bit more out for parts but I got motors esc's fcb's that are years old, but still work.
    How many ppl really wanted to get into the hobby but let down by cheap toys, then gave up. Starting off with a toy is the safest way to start. But it's 50/50 if they stay in the hobby. So I'd say 2hrs total flight time with a toy or 2 toys. Then move on towards whatever setup you think you want. Learn to build as this will save money & time. Money, not buying toy after toy, & time by not sending anything back to a shop & waiting weeks.
    Plenty of cheap but decent components out there, & just start of with 2/3S Lipo's to keep the power down. Easier to learn with.
  12. Mr B

    Mr B Member

    Hi Guys,

    I too received this model as a Christmas gift.

    1st one was faulty - camera motor and also one flight motor.

    1st thing:
    The calibration of the drone does not follow the book exactly, lights remain flashing when it says they should be fixed.

    2nd thing:
    Spares. I can not locate anything on web; Google or Amazon.

    I contacted RED5 directly and MenKind who both sell it to ask and they confirmed they DO NOT stock spares nor know where to get them, best bet is to search google myself !!!

    So has anyone found a spares supplier for this drone. As it is an OEM unit, is it the same as something else out there that I can search for.

    At this stage, I need new blades, but I am sure the motors and protector arks may also get damaged down the line.

  13. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    What I would do is search for a brushed Quadcopter of the same size that has pinions, & parts are widely available. If not try somthing else. I use ebay for all my parts, I just searched & there is plenty, but bangood or other big online retailers sell spares. I just seen a red fx123 on eBay but no pinions on the it.
    As for spare props just get some of the same off a similar quad, all brushed motor shafts are the same size. 1.5mm.
    Lesson learned, next time do some research & check if parts are available for the Quadcopter you intend to fly.
  14. Mr B

    Mr B Member

    Please share a link or two for new rotor blades for the FX-145 as I still can not find one.
  15. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Measure them for me & I will look, I do not know how to link on this android phone though. A 145 size should be around 3inch. 3.5"
  16. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    You won't find any. Some are like that.
    You will just have to find a similar toy & use them props. Syma, jjrc all have spare parts widely available. Jackson is the link king on here. I'm sure if he come across this thread, he can save the day.
    The only picture I can find of your toy doesn't show the props. So your going to have to post a pic of your drone with props on & tape measure aside it. If I am to help. The 145 is misleading as it does not look like a 145mm body. The small quad in the picture below is a 130mm with 2.8"but your looks 2x as big. Listen my advice above still stands, buy a toy with widely available parts close to the size & check. The props you need are probably the same as what's on a syma jjrc hubs an.
    Sorry no sizes can't help.

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  17. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    For anyone if you intend to eventually build your own, get a cutting mat so when you take a picture for us we don't really have to ask about size as the mat shows this in the 1cm blocks. Protects your nice clean desk aswell.
  18. Mr B

    Mr B Member

    Here is a promotional image of the Red5 FX-145

    I will measure the blades as they are bound to be used on many other units.

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  19. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    To me they look like 3inch so I'll mooch about.
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  20. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    On the top of the prop, is there a screw on nut to keep the prop on.

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