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    I have ar8000 rx and dx8 tx with a cc3d fc...... I'll have try next week as I have done my ankle in and I'm almost out of props lol..... and if everything is still on what does that mean glitch ?....... and if it off hardware issue ?
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    Hi guys!

    I have a tough one! My eachine 250 racer does this random instaflip which doesn't fit any of the "instaflip guides" i've red so far. And it seems to do this only with 4S lipo's and some slight twitches with 3S.

    1. Quad has been flown for a few months now with out an issue.
    2. This "ghost in the machin" happens with both 3s and 4s, but with 3s it only manifests as a twich when with 4s a full instaflip occures.
    3. The instaflip only occures in the beginning of the flight and only in low hover. During that part where you gently lift of to hover making sure everything works. And then a suden throttle burst followed by an instaflip. It also seems to allways be fliping over to it's right side.
    4. Quad can bee flow right after the flipover without any noticeable effects to it's beahviour when using 3S lipo's.

    Is this somekind of an error-loop caused by the turbulence of the close-to-surface hovering or should i call for a roman-catholic priest?

    Speak to me your wisdom!

    Thank you

    Helsinki, Finland
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    What flight controller are you using? I had this issue with a full Naze board, and once I covered it with foam, the problem was solved. Turns out that at low altitude, prop wash can affect the barometer and throw things out of sync. Of course this wouldn't apply if you were flying in rate mode with the baro disabled.
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