Help Me Pick the Right Drone Motor for My Patented Invention!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by CBF America, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Hello! I have recently received my patent for a unique, practical, and very effective personal cooling device I am calling the Cool body fan. I believe it would be best to utilize a drone propeller, motor, and battery, and have a variable speed knob as well. I am seeking references to exactly what parts may be best to use. The Constraints and attributes needed for the system are as follows:

    ---The propeller must be 6" to 7" in diameter.
    ---The more quiet the propeller is, the better.
    ---The more quiet the motor is, the better.
    ---Between the motor, propeller, and battery, I only need it to blow about as much air as the Ryobi fan (picture attached).
    ---I would like a run time of at-least 4 hours on one charge.

    I wont bother breaking down the design of the Cool Body Fan, but these attributes should be enough to go by.
    Please feel free to provide any input or references that may be helpful. Ideally I'd like to find a specific part on the market for each component that people have recommended me and buy these for my third prototype.

    Also, is it possible to simply wire a knob between a drone motor and battery to act as a speed dial? Let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you very much!

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  2. mozquito1

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    This is a Quadcopter forum, you know.
    So you invent something but have no clue about a motor. Mad.
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  3. Gyro Doctor

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    o_O Wrong place for these types of questions and wrong selection of parts (quad parts) to do the job anyway ... smh ...

    First off you should know that quad motors are basically three-phase, pulse driven, microprocessor controlled outrunners that require a rather
    complex inverter based electronic speed control system that sends precision timed pulses to the stator coil windings; so NO, you cannot simply
    "put a knob" in the circuit.

    Secondly these motors are noisy even without the props and even more noisy with props. Quad motors AND props are NOT designed to be quiet,
    they are designed to achieve maximum thrust to weight ratios.

    Simply put, all you need for your gadget is any common brushed motor with a rheostatic speed controller ( the "knob") and a multiblade (fan) prop,
    with a battery supply. Since these are already so prolific and cheap, I'd advise against "reinventing the wheel" and just cobble together such ubiquitous,
    easily obtainable parts for your gadget OR, for that matter, just use any common dc electric fan you can find that's cheap and already comes with speed control
    for less than ANY of the parts associated with your attempt to achieve the same results by using quadcopter parts. :p
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  4. RENOV8R

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    Dang Dude, you stole my idea
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  5. mozquito1

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    Just buy the ryobi ;)
  6. mozquito1

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    Those guys:eek: @ the patent office would probably take your $$:rolleyes: for just about anything. Doesn't mean it will sell.
    & I'm not saying your patent is or won't be viable. But what the hell did you patent. As the FAN is the main component, but you're on a forum asking about boots that can kick upto 1.5kgo_O
    Can you share any of this design with us, so we could ascertain if using like gyro doc said a 3 phase motor.
    What is it a suit that blows air into it or something along that air line. :D

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