1. S

    Propeller selection for Gaart ML2212S 920KV Motor

    Hello friends, I want to buy a propeller for the ML2212S engine, I wanted to get your suggestions and opinion? Can you suggest a website where I can buy quality propellers? First of all, I have one or two questions. 1 - ML2212S recommended propeller is 9443 propellers for 4s. Do you mind if I...
  2. B

    Advice on diagnosing a propellor/motor problem - Resolved (calibration)

    Hi All :) I'm seeking a little advice from everyone who might have an opinion cause I'm basically fairly new to quads and I'm not sure how to go about diagnosing this problem. I have a toy drone (Kai Deng K70F) that I've been using to introduce myself to flight and get confidence with before...
  3. DiscrafT

    Are these right propellers for my motors?

    Hi there, I'm rebuilding one hexacopter which I bought from my brother. And on the drone were carbon fiber T propellers 15x5.5 (I'm almost sure) And these motors MT 3510 600KV link...
  4. K

    New Sky Viper V2540 Drone Not Working Properly

    I just got a Sky Viper V2450 drone for Christmas. Two days ago I was flying it outside, and accidentally crashed it into a tree. It didn't crash hard at all - I don't even know if you could really call it a "crash". I just flew it too close to the branches so the propellers hit them and it fell...
  5. C

    Help Me Pick the Right Drone Motor for My Patented Invention!

    Hello! I have recently received my patent for a unique, practical, and very effective personal cooling device I am calling the Cool body fan. I believe it would be best to utilize a drone propeller, motor, and battery, and have a variable speed knob as well. I am seeking references to exactly...
  6. Z

    Advice on acrobatic quadcopter

    Hi, I'm looking to make my first quadcopter but I'm new to the subject. I want to make a quadcopter that will be used primarily indoors and will be built for control rather than speed. So simple acrobatics and hovering are the primary goals for it. Could you suggest a type of propeller that...
  7. I

    TMotor 9.5x4.5 Prop

    Can someone explain to me how the exact same prop at the exact same RPM can give vastly different thrust on 2 different motors? Specifically TMotor's 9.5x4.5 listed with their mn2212 motors. I can't give a link because this is my first post on this forum. Basically, it's saying 4260rpm is...
  8. A

    First build. Question about propeller vs motor

    I've got a question about closing a motor and propeller. The propellers I chose are 8"x5.5, and I'm wondering if the RCX RS2206(v3) would work on with these props. I'm also going with a 210 mm frame and what to know if I'll have enough torque and thrust. Not fully decided on other parts yet...
  9. D

    How to Get Self-Tightening Bolts Loose

    I have just completed building my first quad and I have used self-tightening bolts on the motor. However, now I need to change the first prop, but I cannot get the bolt loose. Does anyone have any tips to get the bolt loose (and I have double checked which way to loosen the bolt).
  10. D

    CW vs CCW Motor Placement

    I know where to put CW and CCW props and which way the motor has to spin, however, I have gotten some motors and the top parts (I'm sorry I don't know the exact name, it is the little cone that holds the props in), some screw in CW (i.e. righty tighty) and some screw in CCW. Should the motors...
  11. M

    Is this even possible? Need suggestions on motor etc.

    I have a z600-v3 quadcopter (320 grams and 600 mm) frame: We were looking to have an extra payload on this quadcopter (around 2 lbs not including components). I am...
  12. S

    Carbon Fibre vs Wood Props

    Hi guys. Just wondering if I can get some feedback on the pros and cons of Carbon Fibre vs Wood props? I am looking using 14x5 props, don't know which way to go. Opinions welcome :)