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Discussion in 'FPV Systems' started by Steven Campbell, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Rebuilding my ground station to be more versatile.

    Primary antennas on diversity reciever, antennas on top painters pole 5 meters up, diversity reciever mounts to tripod.

    Case contains second basic reciever that can be set to another channel and is connected to secondary lcd input.

    Equipment plugs into XT60 bar,

    7" LCD screen
    2-5s Voltage regulator/stabilizer (case will run on 2-5s batteries)
    XT60 balance board for power in (or unregulated voltage from batts)
    1in 4 out RCA amplifier
    DVR recording
    Video out to goggles
    12v sockets and volt meter
    Will contain 1-2 IMAX-B6 chargers
    System will run on 4s 8000mah batts

    Voltage monitor with alarm

    Work in progress as parts arrive in the mail.
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