Cheap, yet good FPV setups to get you started

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    There are several benefits to a dedicated fpv or low voltage battery such as reliability in that you don't have to worry about brown outs caused by punching the throttle, though the down side is more weight. As far as the battery Tatu is my first choice.

    Thanks! I made it because I remember the topic being somewhat confusing and overwhelming when I first got i got into FPV. I try to keep it updated too, and thanks to people notifying me of good product to or tips it has been getting good updated. I was gone for a couple of months, see anything goes that should be updated or added?
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    What exactly do figures like 52" mean in regards to headsets? Clearly there's not a 52" screen inside there...

    Should the defining factor not be screen resolution?
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    i think the 52" means its filling more of your peripheral vision?
    but if you watch vid you can see space around his glasses and face
    so it doesn't knock down all the light?
    but for a new item on the market give it time to mature. look at quads 5 years ago
    and now.
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    Just ordered this for my Bugs 3

    The plan is to use it to position the drone for the GoPro

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