1. D

    Emax tinyhawk 2 freestyle flies straight up when primed.

    Hello, As many people do, I'm moving from dji mavics to an fvp drone. Absolutely loving the different flying style but also crashing a lot. My most recent crash has caused some problems. I have the Emax tinyhawk 2 freestyle RTF kit and when I first connect the batteries, the quad starts...
  2. G

    Need help desperately with pinpointing the reason (/reasons?) for crashing my Pixhawk Quadcopter hard from high altitude. (Log file included)

    Link to the log file I have tried asking around on Reddit, but could not get any help there at all! Hi everyone, I am flying a large Quadcopter with PixHawk (it is a Chinese clone) which I slowly built myself over the period of the past few months. I have been experiencing some crashes that...
  3. D

    Motors ESC KV Help

    Ok so I have a Mamba F405 mk2 20x20 with a max burst of 30Amps with 4S batteries and I have 6 inch props. I also want to get the Emax ECO 2207 or the 2306 motors. Now I'm not understanding the KV and what I should go with. I've had people tell me go with 2400KV then some say 1700KV and nobody...
  4. Itsjayseetime

    Did I fry my FC?

    Hey guys, I'm back with another noob question. I bought an emax babyhawk and it came in yesterday. I was super excited to use it so as soon as I got it I started setting it up with the receiver. After I got the receiver installed and bound to my transmitter I went into betaflight to set up...
  5. P

    Brushless motor has grinding sound when rotating

    Hi guys, Recently I tried to move my components onto a new frame. As I was mounting the motors I noticed that one of them wasn't spinning like the others and was making a grinding sound. I forced a few rotations manually but eventually, the motor would not budge, even with a heap of force. I...
  6. Melo FPV

    Babyhawking for the WIN

    Always wanted to make a baby hawk vid so here it is check it out tell me what you think !!!!
  7. Melo FPV

    Pull the Trigger

    Practice Packs 210 2306 motors Fatshark Dom3 Frskyx9 35ampbullets Venom 1300 Need any fpv gear got great discounts on runcams and stuff check us out @ WWW.MIAFPV.COM
  8. Mactac

    EMAX RS2306 motor giveaway

  9. Isaac

    Help Needed with New Baby Hawk

    So I have a new Emax Baby Hawk with a FrSky XM plus receiver and a Taranis Q X7 trasmitter. I believe I have done a successful bind but still need to put the Baby Hawk into BetaFlight to set up the mapping such as arming it and switching from Horizon and Acro modes. Well on the receiver tab all...
  10. I

    Quadcopter shaking instead of flying

    Hello, i just finished building my first quadcopter and was very excited to test it out. first i tried it on the ground i calibrated everything i could and gave it some throttle, instead of all 4 rotors spinning, the first one started to spin i gave a little bit more throttle and then the second...
  11. raymon kroeze

    Welcome back old Emax || FPV freestyle