1. raymon kroeze

    FPV racing!!

  2. raymon kroeze

    Betaflight 3.0 tuning!!!

    The last couple of month a lot people ask me questions on how I tune my quads. So finally I decided to make a tuning video! This is just a simple video where I show you my process while tuning. Hope this can help people!
  3. raymon kroeze

    Purple grass FPV freestyle

    Yesterday i got back to my favorite spot
  4. DIY Drone

    MCD is proud to present our new storefront.

    We have had our web store front open now for 2 weeks and we are proud to say we are very happy with our new customers who bought from us. In celebration we have lowered our prices on all of our 3D printed parts. Come and visit us and see what we can make, design, or create for you with our...
  5. A

    New video please check it out

  6. fath

    Ublox neo 6m to I2C

    Hello everybody, i have purchased a Ublox neo 6m GPS and an I2C , the problem is that i d'ont know how to connect them toghether, the GPS has 2 diferents outputs, 1 with two cables that fit in the i2c slot, and the ohter onne with four cables but it doesn't fit inside, How i need to do it? Gps...
  7. Redleif FPV

    Robocat 270 Flight Test Full Video Review Coming Soon

    Check out this flight test of a RTF Racing Quad I just got. Going to do a full video review after I have a little more time with the quad. Took it easy because it was my first time taking it up but ill make sure the next vids show off its speed...
  8. Redleif FPV

    Robocat 270 Flight Test

    Just got done flight testing this RTF Quad Built by StrictlyHobbiesandCrafts2015. What do you think?
  9. Kealan

    Which ESC Should I Choose!?

    Hello, Im currently in the part choosing stage of building a 250 fpv racing (fun racing not competitive) quadcopter. Iv already built a 500mm quadcopter so I know the basics but I'm stuck on what ESC I should get for my 250. I have chosen the Emax Mt2204 II 2300Kv Cooling series motor. I will be...
  10. Rylikepi

    Post rain session

    Here is a video from the other day after it rained and it has been awhile since i have flown with a GoPro!
  11. A

    check out my new video and please subscribe

    video link Please like and subscribe, and share this video and go check out bolt rc link Quad Gear NEW go-pro hero 4 session 2206-2350kv pilot alex genovese jr supplier bolt rc quad bolt 250 esc-little bee 20amp motors-blackout fc-naze32 props-hq5x4.5
  12. Rylikepi

    Fpv racing

    so I don't know if I posted this in the right place but I will go with it. I have been flying for half a year and I am wanting to start racing, I've tried multi gp but there isn't much options for where I live, any suggestions on where I should go to start racing? -Thanks Ryan
  13. holtneil

    Cheap 250 racing quad

    Hi guys this video is done by Bruce from rcmodelreviews on a cheap racing quad build Part 5