1. J

    Battery upgrade LH-X10 quadcopter. HELP!!!

    Hi everyone, Im new to the whole quadcopter scenario. I just bought my very first quadcopter a couple of days ago and have noticed that flight times are not good since it came with a 600mAh 3.7V battery. Please suggest a good battery upgrade for imcreased flight times. Thanks in advance...
  2. D

    Frsky XM + Micro no LED

    Hello, I have been following the 99 drone build on uavfutures and i have build it and it all seems to be working but when i solder up the XM + Micro it doesn't seem to have any power, i have plugged in my lipo and i have the F3 deluxe FC, is it bust or am i just being a complete noob, any help...
  3. IsaacS

    Quad Won't connect to Goggles!!!

    Hi, my drone's VTX is a TS832, and I also have an RC832 Reciever. I have Quanum v2 DIY goggles, and everything is wired correctly (camera and VTX are directly soldered to PDB). When I turn everything on, the goggles just display static and say "NO SIGNAL." I've been through all 40...
  4. A

    First FPV Drone and I'm lost - How To Bind!?!

    I've had a couple of drones to fly around the park and chase my wife, so it's not my first rodeo, but I've only been riding miniature horses until now. I decided to dive into FPV racing drones. I'm so close to flying. I bought the Horus 12S and I understand how to bind from the radio. I bought...
  5. B

    Connecting receiver

    So I have a arris rtf drone and the fly sky FS-T6 controller. How do I connect the receiver with the drone? And how do I know what mode the receiver is? Is it PPM or am I understanding this completely wrong? Attached is a photo of the receiver. I can bind it but the drone keeps on beeping and...
  6. J

    First Quadcopter Flight - Big Fail

    Hi, I got my first Quadcopter a week ago, a Hubsan X4 mini quadcopter I really thought i was ready for the outdoors, took to the biggest field i could find and took it for a spin at about head height first - all good Then this happens: (lets see how high this thing can go) Took it up so high...
  7. D

    How wire a frsky x4r receiver to a Dys f4 pro FC

    Im working my first quad build and having trouble figuring out how to wire my receiver to my FC, the videos and other info i found on the internet ive tryed and are just not working for me, if anyone has experience with dys f4 pro flight controller (beta flight) and the x4r frsky i would love...
  8. D

    I need help please !!!this is my first build Quad is bond but wont fly

    Parts that i have armenton chameleon frame Runcam eagle 2 Lumenier Tx5g2r raceband 200mw video transmitter Frsky x4r receiver Dys f4 pro flight controller (beta flight) 30 amp little bees ESC 2300 kv emax moters Tarnais q x7 transmitter So this is my first build so im sorry if i dont explain...
  9. K

    Betaflight setup

    Not too long ago I have purchased the Lux V2 flight controller after I broke my first one. After soldering everything together I went into betaflight to make sure everything was working but I ran into some trouble. I couldn't setup the right receiver mode. When I changed something it just...
  10. Thrice Saitta

    Top advice for starting a build on professional quality boards for AIO Photography Drone?

    I am a total noob programmer and engineer looking to use drones as a first step in this field of learning while I go to school. I already order a simple JJRC H31 with the 2mp camera as a starter. I will already be making mods(like the FOV & antennas)and working with waterproof resin(at least...
  11. S

    noob alert

    can't get my eb 185 to arm its bound to controller.when i push down right nothing happens apart from a lot of beeping from the quad.
  12. T

    Micro Arduino based quadcopter questions

    Sitting here staring at the remains of a micro knock-off rc-helicopter toy, currently being powered by the output from an Arduino Uno as the Lipo died a while back, and I started wondering: Could I create a micro quadcopter, between 30-80g, small enough to fit in a hand, using an Arduino Nano...
  13. faededtoblack

    Can't decide which quad!!!

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum and new to the quad hobby. I've had a few toy grade quads and I've had a lot of fun with them. Matter of fact, I've got 2 Swift 36C camera drones I practice with pretty regular. They have cameras but the video quality is garbage of course. What I like about them is...
  14. S

    Blade Inductrix FPV

    Did I make a mistake by purchasing this as my first quad? I have the Specktrim DX6e transmitter and a few batteries and charger. It seems hard to fly. can not hover real well. smack the ceiling then hit the floor. drifts a lot. Ive tried trim adjustment as well as transmitter adjustments. By the...
  15. Kealan

    Will this burn out my gimbal motor?

    The gimbal is the storm32 3 axis from ebay. I haven't used it yet, only uploaded the bootloader. I'm using a gopro hero which doesn't fit into the gimbal so I modified it so it would fit. I 3D printed a piece to drop the platform which the camera rests on down about an inch and out about an inch...
  16. Zak Mazzei

    Kaideng K70C Motorws cut off mid flight!

    Hi, I recently bought the Kaideng k70c from bang good, i took it out on its first flight and the motors just cut off mid flight and it crashed to the ground, it did that 3 times. Please can you help me to fix this problem, its very frustrating.
  17. MrMDAN47

    Can I use my turnigy 9x with my FrSky D4R2?

    This is my first build, I fallowed a guide on how to build it on youtube, and my friend suggested that I get the turnigy 9x, because he has been using it and loves it. my problem is that I just got everything put together and wired up, but now I am having trouble binding the D4R2 to the stock...
  18. F

    Low voltage indicators, worth the $$?

    So I talked to this guy at a local hobby center and he said I dont really need a low voltage indicator on my quad since I would "be able to feel when the batteries are almost dead" as in when I feel like the motors are slow or something I'd know that the lipos are almost drained, so I would then...
  19. F

    First time soldering

    So I need to solder my motors and speed controllers, so first I tried soldering for the first time on some spare wire. What i did was i twisted both the wires together (without the insulator) and clumped them into a ball and soldered, or should i say tried to solder... I attached a picture of...
  20. mikey99222

    A hopeless beginner needs help with his first build, any help welcome!

    Hi, I am new, and would love to see if this is viable, thanks for taking time to help a newbie :P Frame- - Versa-copter Electric- Power pack E, recommended for ^ (contents on...