noob in need of help

  1. D

    Need help bad with horrible wobble

    Ok so i built a kit with no issues flew a lot crashed more fixed repaired replaced and now trying to build my own here are specs CLRACING F4S "S" AIO FLIGHT CONTROLLER - V1.5 - CLF4S SPEDIX 30A 4 IN 1 ESC 2-4S BROTHERHOBBY DEADPOOL 2306 2450KV MOTOR - RETURNER R5 all went together just fine no...
  2. Itsjayseetime

    Did I fry my FC?

    Hey guys, I'm back with another noob question. I bought an emax babyhawk and it came in yesterday. I was super excited to use it so as soon as I got it I started setting it up with the receiver. After I got the receiver installed and bound to my transmitter I went into betaflight to set up...
  3. Tink

    Control Setup Help

    Hey all, noob to the quad scene here. I'm in awe of many of the freestyle videos on youtube, and I'm inspired to give it a shot myself. Looking to purchase a quad fairly soon (I've got my eye on the eamachine wizard) but before I do that, I have a bit of a silly question pertaining to the...
  4. A

    First FPV Drone and I'm lost - How To Bind!?!

    I've had a couple of drones to fly around the park and chase my wife, so it's not my first rodeo, but I've only been riding miniature horses until now. I decided to dive into FPV racing drones. I'm so close to flying. I bought the Horus 12S and I understand how to bind from the radio. I bought...
  5. B

    RTF drone setup help

    I recently got the ARRIS X220 220mm RC Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone, a RCmall Flysky FS-T6 High precision 2.4G 6 channel Radio controller and Eachine VR D2 Pro Upgraded 5 Inches 800*480 40CH 5.8G Diversity FPV Goggles. It is a gift for my dad and I just need help with setting it up or so that I...
  6. A

    Hi guys can u check my pdb connection

    Can u check my connections im a noob also do i ruin the board if i leave the sodering iron on it till it gets hot i felt it was warm when i put enougth sodering iron.
  7. N

    Problems plaguing my first build

    I have posted these questions on multiple forums before and so far have yet to come across a straight answer as to how to go about fixing the problem I've been having with my first build. This quadcopter has been earthbound for about 4 years now, and admittedly the first mistakes were due to a...
  8. S

    Naze32 (rev6) via Cleanflight to Hyperion Atlas ESC communication issue

    Hello, all. I originally posted with issues on my first build (never flew) and the problem seems to have changed quite a's an interesting progression if you'd like to follow it, check my other post. BUT the progress has lead to setup changes that would constitute a new posting...
  9. J

    Newbie questions. Please help

    So,I really want to get into this hobby, but I am still in the research phase of everything. There a few things that have confused me, and have not been answered anywhere I have seen. I would really appreciate anyone so kind as to answer these questions for me. How do you know if your quad it's...
  10. Thrice Saitta

    Top advice for starting a build on professional quality boards for AIO Photography Drone?

    I am a total noob programmer and engineer looking to use drones as a first step in this field of learning while I go to school. I already order a simple JJRC H31 with the 2mp camera as a starter. I will already be making mods(like the FOV & antennas)and working with waterproof resin(at least...
  11. Krak-A-Pat

    Need some help....

    So I'm hooked! Flew a DJI last night and started looking into racing drones. Found a site and started to piece together what I hope will be a good learner... Can someone tell me if I am missing something or need different pieces? My build so far ( haven't purchased yet) Body: QAV-Skitzo quad...
  12. B

    Please teach me X5SW-1 help im new

    So my girlfriend bought me this drone and i have read alot of different things about yes you can do this and no you cant do that im simply wanting to know the best way to bring my quadcopter to the peek performance with the flight time being my main goal whats the safest thing i can do i have...
  13. B

    Drone drifting backwards

    I recently had a big crash and now whenever I try to fly my drone it wants to go backwards and I have tried to redo the cc3d but when I try to fly it wants to go backwards. I'll try to push the pitch forward but at that point it is all the way pitched back so I have to put it on the ground. When...
  14. mikey99222

    -SOLVED-Hi, Looking for some help getting started

    I don't know how to delete a thread XD