Hi guys can u check my pdb connection

Discussion in 'First Build' started by Awsometurtle20, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Can u check my connections im a noob also do i ruin the board if i leave the sodering iron on it till it gets hot i felt it was warm when i put enougth sodering iron. 20171205_175201.jpg 20171205_175153.jpg
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    Not the worst soldering I've seen, should be OK. However it looks like there's a little lack of penetration and a bit of a dull look which would indicate that your soldering iron isn't quite hot enough. For larger connections like this I like a temp of 650F. Lack of penetration is probably because it looks like you didn't use any flux?
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    Looks like about the right amount of solder, though you are probably just being too cautious about over heating it. Ironically a little hotter soldering iron has a smaller HAZ (heat affected zone) than a colder iron just due to the time required to heat component, the solder, and the board.

    Make sure you clean your tip and are operating hot enough. The solder should flow and spread out covering metal not protected by the soldermask.

    Your joints look cold and have insufficient wetting. Should be able to apply flux (or just a tiny bit more rosin core solder) and reheat. It should expand out and get shinier.

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  4. Hey thanks ill need to get some flux and ill redo it thanks
  5. Thanks man this is sooo helpful
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    If your getting flux buy some rubbing alcohol, it can be corrosive to boards. Clean It off with some Q tips.
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  7. Thanks

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